Friday, July 15, 2011

Sun hogs

I stepped out to the deck this morning to see all my lazy cats already conked out and enjoying the morning sun.

Our Mr. Ed  22 years

The love of his life Lily 17 years

Cali 18 years
and our young'un Sierra 9 years

A favorite photo.

I think they love their life here and I love sharing it with them.

The weekend will be busy with cat-sitting so I am getting geared up after a slightly quiet week and filling the cat bag with lots of toys and treats. I always bring a 'cat-dancer' and sock toy full of nip.Camera batteries are charged up.

hugs, Deb


  1. The whole Cat Family out in the sun...BLISS!
    Have a great day lucky cat sitter, you1

  2. LOL I have that problem with cookies too! Love the ages of the cats..sweet. Love that one on your side bar giving you a hug too! :D

  3. Deb it's jus terrific to see cats of such "respectable" ages - it does the heart good. I'd love for a world where all cats had it that good.

  4. We *know* they love their life with you! :-)

    The mom says she'll look for that tea when she's at Loblaws this weekend -- it would be especially good during cold/flu season!

  5. Dat is true kitty delight - sun puuddles.

  6. Oh laying in the sun is a pure delight for sure. They all look so content! Have a good weekend Deb! hugs, Linda

  7. Ooh! That tea looks great. The echinacea would be a great addition for these dog days (oops, sorry Kane) of summer. We live in a very unsophisticated area so finding teas, behind the basics, is difficult. But it gives us something to search for.
    Your dear Cali really is holding back the years very well! I seem to always forget that she and lovely Sierra aren't the same age. I'm mad for senior cats. Love everything about them! Give all the kitties our special love.

  8. 22 years?! You obviously take AMAZING care of your cats. What a bunch of beauties!

  9. We never tire of saying hello to each of your wonderful babies. Their good health and dispositions speak volumes to the care you give them.
    Hugs to all for a nice, cozy weekend!

    We'll have to try the tea. Julie's a big tea, I lean heavily toward the holy water. (I've been known to lean heavily after the holy water..hehe--just kidding!)

    Tom & Julie

  10. Can't get much more relaxed than a cat (or cats) sleeping in the sun!