Saturday, July 30, 2011

Office candy & birthday promises

Do you think she's pretty? She's been around the block no doubt but I love the worn features on her. The top has been varnished and now to decide whether to varnish the rest. I probably will but not right away so I vacuumed and dusted her for now. The drawers are deep and will hold lots of items for my cat-sitting business. The files will be kept elsewhere and I'll show that later. The plastic file drawers are gone so I won't be snarling at them anymore.
It's much prettier in the office now. I picked these from my garden. Mason jars make wonderful vases....actually any attractive jar will do. 
 Do you keep a 'birthday book'? It's the only way I can remember special birthdays.

Speaking of birthdays,  Kane (our darling dog :) wants you to know we are good on our word and did take him for his birthday treat. He is now 11.
He hurries through the ice-cream so he can have his favorite part..the cone. Then we walked it off at one of his favorite spots. I'd say the birthday is over now...ok Kane......OK!

Today I start fresh with many new clients. One house has 3 which will be lots of fun and amusement. The others I have cared for before and am looking so forward to seeing them all again. 
Here is another photo of Gordon. I think he has become quite a 'hit' with my blogging friends. When I said 'good-night' to him last night he jumped up on his favorite chair and settled in for the night. 
What an enchanting little fella he turned out to be.
"Nite Gord"
I am going to miss him way too much but that goes with the job.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Your new office assistant is lovely! How about a lemon oiling or a bee's waxing and leave her as is? She's is Gordon, I'd love to give that guy a kiss on that adorable white muzzle.
    The Baby agrees with Kane that the cone is the best part!

  2. That is a beautiful piece of furniture..a real gem! :D

  3. Love that new piece in your office...the worn look gives it character. Oh yes flowers in mason jars or any jars look great. Yes I became a Gordo fan for sure!

  4. Now you sound just like our pet sitter when she leaves a job. Love the cabinee - looks really good.

  5. I love your new piece of furniture, especially the hardware. Your blog always makes me feel happy, Deb, when I read about the kitties you care for.

  6. I forgot to add, the picture of Kane with his ice cream cone is priceless!

  7. The new piece of furniture is very nice! We like the kitty birthday book! Happy Birthday to Kane! Ice cream is yummy! Gordon is such a cutie pie!

  8. We agree with Katnip Lounge. An nice bees wax would preserve "her" character: she would look gracefully aged not facade lifted. The fellow that refurbished my bench used Ruelle's bee's wax stuff on it and it looks lovely. Don't know much about the product except it has no harmfuls or petroleum distillates in it. We are sure Canada has many fine products that would fit the bill.

    Kane is a very dear dog and we are very pleased he got his belated birthday treat. We will miss Gordon too! That face! Those eyes! He just reaches across the web and grabs your heart! You gained his trust and his love. yoYou became more than his sitter, you became his friend.

  9. Just want to say that I really love your blog.We are kindred spirits.

    Not sure if you read my post on my Maisie (my Sheltie). This week was her birthday; she has been gone 1 1/2 years now. The cats help...*sigh*...she used to herd them. Maisie was a Nanny to all of my kitten rescues! (BTW, her grandfather was a herding champ in Canada, in the 1980s.)

    When my ankles surgeries are all over & done, I will be getting a sable Sheltie. I had a Tri (Skeeter), and a Blue (Maisie)...I miss having a Sheltie. Kane is beautiful! Enjoy him...I do.

    Have a great weekend. God bless you for what you do!

  10. That piece goes so well in your office and perfect to replace any kind of plastic, I say!

    You have such a kind and gentle time caring for kitties. It looks as if you know how to spoil a doggie, too! What a sweetie!

    Julie wants to give Gordon smoochies.


  11. Oh wow, the washstand looks great! I like the beeswax idea.

    And Gordon is very adorable. I can see why you'll miss him. And lucky Kane with the birthday ice cream!

  12. Happy birthday to Kane! I love the photo of him enjoying ice cream. It's cute he likes corn part more :-)