Monday, July 25, 2011

Goings-on with Gordon

Gordon is a thinker and he's been around the block.

I was on the road by 7:30 this morning. Lots of cats to serve breakfast to. My new friend, Gordon was at the top of the list. He needs insulin so the timing is important. I usually leave my cat clients to show you on Fridays but there have been so many lately that you'll see them pop up on any given day for awhile.We have become friends, Gord and I. He only half hides now. Just the front half.
 That tells me a lot. Plus I don't have to sit beside him and sweet talk him to come out. I just yell "Hey Gord" as I come in and he saunters out of his pretty lame hiding spot and joins me in the kitchen. We have come a long way in 4 days. That face had me at "Hello"
Now if only I could open the door for him I would be his bestest friend forever but It ain't gonna happen. "Sorry Gordo"

Isn't he just a darling. He is 17 years old and was once a feral which explains a lot to me.
He wants out but I have been given orders to keep him in.
Although frustrated with my lack of 'gettin' it', he is still a pretty happy guy now. We even played with his toys today. He has a whole box of them but I know his favorite toy is the next victim outside. :(
"I still want out!"

hugs, Deb


  1. Gordon's a very handsome mancat, and my goodness, 17 is pretty darned old! We're sorry he can't go out, but of course it's for his own good (so our mom says).

    Mom says she wishes you lived in our area--she has to head east in September and could use a trusted cat sitter. (She does have a reliable and trusted, animal-loving co-worker coming in, though. Still....)

  2. Much respect to Gordon. And Ă„iti sends lots of respect to you : there aren't many cat sitters that will take on insulin jabs.....

  3. What a sweetie-pie! I love his little muzzle which is rather prominent! I just want to kiss it.

    You have a great understanding of cats, and I'll bet they know it, too.

    Gordon looks fantastic for 17! He's obviously been well cared for in the past, despite his feral beginnings.

  4. He lookes really sweet Mr Gordon :)
    17 years old is respectable !!!

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  6. He DOES have a most handsome face! I love his name as well.

    His face is so handsome he is making me want to start drawing again.

    Love seeing the photo of John and Brittany while I type this, beautiful!

  7. Gordo is a cute guy for sure. No outdoors! That is what I tell Charlie when he gives me that look!

  8. OMG Deb! Gordon looks so much like my boy, Guiness!!!!
    We still miss him very much.

  9. Gordo ! I'm the same as you " Still want out " and most of the time, I just get in : )
    But Deb, Did you let him out ? heh..heh..heh

  10. We're pleased to meet new kitties any day of the week.... every day of the week!
    And Gordon! Seventeen! He certainly carries his age well. I adore old kitties. As cats age their faces become more expressive. Gordon has one of those faces that , when you look at him, he looks like he will begin to speak to you in words!

  11. WOW those eyes on Gordon are huge and so expressive. YEP he wants out...can see it written all over his face!! You are sooooo good at what you do and these kitties are darned lucky! Even if you can't be conned into a backyard jaunt by ole' Gordy LOL!! Happy Tuesday from Sue and Rosie...who are enjoying a slight cooldown in Mich!!!