Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eat your blueberries.

I watched the news tonight and our NDP (New Democratic Party) leader, Jack Layton is fighting for his life. He has announced that he has cancer. He is taking time off to fight this disease. I think he is a good man and a strong party leader and my thoughts and prayers go to him and his family. 
Get Well, Jack
Two of the best cancer-fighting foods are blueberries and tomatoes. I have no trouble eating them but it's to remember to eat them often.  Another is broccoli. You either love it or hate it. I hope you are eating healthy and taking care of your body.
My little yellow VW cookie jar was a gift from my friend who passed away from cancer a year and a half ago. Her name was Christine and she was 52. I promised her I would learn all I could about keeping the body and soul healthy. I would exercise, eat from the earth, drink lots of water, fill my day with what makes me happy and dine on fresh blueberries.   I would stuff broccoli into every salad and casserole that I could. I would walk....oh boy, would I walk.
I really do believe Prevention is the best medicine, don't you?

"Have you had your blueberries today?"

hugs, Deb


  1. Yup, Deb. Just had blueberries on my cereal this a.m. But you're right. It's difficult to remember to eat like that every day!

  2. I think it's about 85% genetics and about 15% environment--what you eat, how healthy a life you live, etc. I really do, at least for some, if not most, diseases.

    Jack is looking so gaunt. I wondered if it was pancreatic cancer, since they're not saying. If it is....Anyway, I, too, am wishing him the best. I don't have a lot of regard for politicians in general, but it seems he's already been through so much, with prostate cancer, his hip, and now this.

  3. Such a good reminder to take care of our body and mind by what we put in our body.....

  4. I was really sad to see Jack so ill. Like Fuzzy Tales, I wonder if it is pancreatic cancer; he became so gaunt so fast. Regardless, I hope he can recover from this latest setback.

    Your friend Christine would be proud of you!:)