Saturday, July 2, 2011

purrfect pilling and little waifs's a scorcher today. We screened in our deck yesterday and it will now provide lots of shade and cool spots for us and the critters. Funny how one thing leads to another. The barbeque must be replaced now because it just isn't good enough to sit on our newly screened in deck, says newly-retired Gary. Fine! I just leave all that stuff to him and reap the benefits.I can just see where this is all heading.

After kitty-sitting Buddy, Buddy & Chase, Sammy, Molly & Argo and taking Kane for a walk through the bush, I am relaxing inside 'cause the humidity is too high for me.

Sammy is the cat that takes seizures and this morning I had to give him another pill. Well, I got it into him quite easily with the head back, open mouth and insert into back of throat...voila! but he responded with the biggest HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have ever heard come out of a senior feline. Holy Dinah!
Argo, Molly & Hissin' Sammy (who was feral at one time)
 Anyway, that was the last pill I have to give him and perhaps by the time I care for him again he will have forgotten that I pilled him. Or, maybe the owner will let me do what I do at home for our cats when they need to be pilled and that is to give them tuna juice right after or at least some meat broth that will leave them feeling happy and satisfied and will move that pill along to where it is supposed to end the stomach.

Can you repeat after me "KITTENS"

Oh, did I mention they are 4 weeks old...."squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal." Dropped off at our shelter and now being fostered in our town.

disheveled little waifs without a mom

They were kittens that were dumped and God only knows where the mother is. I will be taking more pics as they grow.  Camera on the **fritz** today. THANK GOD they are safe. Our wonderful shelter took them in and now they are cared for and loved in a  foster home.
hugs, Deb


  1. Does this mean you are gonna get a CATIO? The nosy Cats here want to know!

  2. In the picture of the three
    Argo says:
    "dunno you guys; Ceiling Cat ain't gonna like this. What did you do with the rest of the Giraffe?"

    Hissing Sammy replies
    "What? What Giraffe? There was no Giraffe; YOU never saw a Giraffe did you Mol?"

    Molly thinks to herself... That Argo; he's one sexie basement cat.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. Awww, such adorable kittens. They're so good at tugging on the heartstrings!

    Pilling cats can be not very much fun, that's for sure. Ours has to take one daily, though she's mostly resigned to it by now. No more bloodied fingers, at least!

  4. Sammy is just saying he knows he has to be pilled, but that he doesn't have to like it. He's probably forgotten the whole experience already.
    Look at those adorable kitties! They're beautiful! And they still have their baby blue eyes! Goodness! The sheer sweetness of them! God bless their little hearts!

  5. Your new header looks great -- usually we read in Google Reader, so don't always see a blog's new look!

    The mom is swooning over that sweet little tuxie face....Thank goodness the babies are safe and in care. The poor mom.

  6. WOW M says she'd love a screened in porch/patio/deck. he he- does Mr. newly Retired hire out M wants to know? Those kittens are sbsolutely adorable.

  7. we had the same heat yesterday that you are having. OMG it was awful!
    I think a screened in porch (be sure you have a ceiling fan out there to circulate the air) is a great idea! You will love it!
    Those kittens are too precious!
    Great job on pilling!

  8. oh my, squeeeeeeeeeeeeal, kittens!! My Naomi looked like that when she showed up at our door meowing her head off one night late in September. I still can't believe she made it all the way to our farmhouse, surrounded by acres and acres of fields! Smart little girl, because I scooped her up and she has been with us ever since. Love the kitties!