Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early sun on Sunday

Greeting a new day. It is 8 am & organic sun-screen has been put on those pink see-through ears & teeny pink nose. I like to let Lily enjoy the early sun and then its shade for the rest of the day. Too many white cats are getting skin cancer now but the screen does help as long as sun-bathing is limited.
Can you find Sierra?

hugs, Deb


  1. I see Sierra hiding back in the shade...she is my kind of gal!

  2. Hot Cats!!
    I imagine they are all snoozing in the cool house by now...I see Sierra in the back!

  3. Yeah I can find Sierra !!!
    She is under the chair in the shade :)

  4. Ah, looks like they're enjoying themselves. In this part of the world they snooze inside the cat apartment or under shady bushes - the heat at the moment is so extreme. Today I used your suggestion with putting a few icecubes into their water bowls and they LOVED it. Even in the shade the water gets so hot. Have a lovely Sunday - here the day is drawing to a close.

  5. We see you, sweet Sierra! I think I might have told you previousy, we have adopted kitties who have had skin cancer from too much sun. One was all white (Jett) and one was white with ginger (Puffin). Jett lost both of his ears right to the head and Puffin lost one to the head and the other partially. Both lost parts of their pink nose leather. Blinds are lowered to provide full shade when the cats are on the patio. I, on the other hand , I have always been a sun bunny and to this day can't tolerate sun bock. Just a coupe of skin cancers but I look weather beaten and my skin looks older than it's years. Love to you all!

  6. Ah, there's Sierra! And very good of you to put organic sunscreen on your pale darling.

  7. That is a great sun puddle. If you have one tomorrow, let me know and I'll be over. We didn't has much sun today.