Monday, July 4, 2011

A lazy, hazy day

I love these glass water containers that feed my potted flowers. Too often I get really busy and they suffer for it. These water as the plant needs it and you just have to fill them every few days.

The deck is being enjoyed by two lazy old cats.

Kane prefers to stay in the air-conditioning

Smart old guy.
I love walking around our neighbourhood

Buddy and Chase live close by and today was my last visit with them for now. It's great when I don't have to take the car.
I love it when they look excited to see me. They love company and I'm sure they miss their dad when he's away. They watch for me in the window which, as you know, has me grabbing for the camera.Once I'm in and dishing out the tender lovin' cat care, they love to watch the squirrels.
They are so comfy in this beautiful log home. It can be 100 degrees outside and it is always cool as a cucumber inside these log walls.

I'll be popping in to visit the 4 week old kittens again. Better pictures are promised.
In the meantime.....go find yourself an awesome pet-sitter.

hugs, Deb


  1. My mom love the way how you feed your plants, No need to carry ..Great Idea !

  2. My mommie too love the way you feed your plants ! Would be purrfect to have here at home , because my mommie is a disaster when it comes to taking care of plants :)
    I do like your doggie is doing = I lay right under the AC :)

    Me and mommie think is fun that you found your way into my blog and that you are our new follower :)
    I follow you too now , think you have a PAWsome blog !!!

  3. Those are great pictures in your bloggy today pals. Hmm M is thinking maybe she should get some of those plants waterer things in her pots too. She gets tired of hauling the sprinkling can out there every other day. Guess if it works in your hot climate, it should work in WI.

  4. That is a fun water ball. I have a couple too but they are multi-colored. I like your clear one better.

    Looks like all the critters now how to take their summer easy! :)
    xo Catherine

  5. I have some of those watering balls and yet have never used them....I think I will get them out today. Love the new kitty photos in the header. Have a great week Deb!

  6. Love this header! It does look like a lazy day there..nice! (We will be taking all our pets for sure!) :D

  7. I love this glass water container too. It is very convenient and looks pretty :-)

  8. Deb I love those glass containers too. Do they really work? It would make things soooo much easier!

  9. Love all those kitties, and your lovely, lovely Kane!