Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gordon & visiting some lovelies.

I did a trial run with Gordon this morning to see if he would let me handle him, in order to give him insulin shots, while his owners travelled. He is not aggressive but he does cower and that can bring aggression out if he feels threatened. I didn't want him to end up being so frightened that it affected his health. This is where those baby steps work well. He did eventually let me pet him and I gave him a neck rub to see if he would let me near the area where he will receive insulin and he did. I tried this many times before I left so as to be very confident before the owners leave. Within 15 minutes he looked more relaxed and accepted me very well. Gord and I are good to go.

I can't seem to stay away from the shelter lately. After cat-sitting I visited with some of the residents there today. Of course, they are full to the rafters and 3-legged Custer is still waiting for his new home.
One of the over-worked staff members took this. (wow...bad hair day but the cats don't care) He is only 15 months old and has had his leg amputated from being hit by a car. He is so wonderful and affectionate.
 Johnny is still there too.
Oh, those blue eyes.

 There were so many to choose from and all just amazingly friendly and beautiful.
Look at this guy. He's obviously well taken care of. He figured he owned the place.
Shelly was there too fussing up the cats and combing them.
They are always so thankful for a little attention
So cute!

It was a fun day and I always feel good after visiting the shelter cats.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my heart goes out to them too...I wish I could take the 3 legged one! ;D

  2. They are all so sweet. I wish them much love and new homes!

  3. Glad you and Gord are good to go. :)

    Thank you for visiting the shelter, and giving those cuties some much-needed love and care. We are purring and praying they all find forever homes real soon.

  4. Such sweet kitties at the shelter! We're purring they all get loving furever homes soon! Glad things went well with Gordon too!

  5. They all are so sweet, Deb
    Especially the last one : )
    I hope they found home so soon
    Paws Crossed for them

  6. How I wish each animal could have a wonderful home. Until then there is comfort in knowing people care for and about them.

  7. They are all so sweet kitties !
    I hope they all will get homes sooon !!!
    Great that you and Gord are good to go :)

  8. I just can't understand why Johnny is still there! He's so beautiful and looks so loving. I'm really getting involved with this guy. I really am. It breaks my heart to see him not have a home. Well, not just a home, but the perfect home.
    Custer too! He's a doll!

    Gordon is going to fall in love with you when his folks are away. Just like all the rest. Bless you, Deb.

  9. It's hard to visit the shelter isn't it? You just want to take them all home! A bunch of sweeties to be sure!
    xo Catherine

  10. I hope they all find homes, but I have a soft spot for three-legged Custer. We adopted our three-legged Alex from the Cornwall SPCA. He is the mellowest cat in the world! Here's to tripods.