Friday, July 8, 2011

If life hands you lemons

lemons are great in herbal tea but not just because it tastes good. Pure lemon juice is a natural source of Vitamin C and helps to boost your immune system. We all need that, right?
I 've planted lots of  tea herbs in the garden this year and they are just great when kicking back and relaxing. Tea, lemon & honey....oh ya!

Lily loves to watch me work and clean in the kitchen.
It bores Ed to death so he just sleeps and I can hear him snore while I work around. He just makes me laugh so much. When I brought him home from the shelter 2 years ago I thought he might live a year. He's fooled us all and he's happy and healthy and lovin' his life. If they were correct on his age from the report that came with him he is now 22. These Asian cats do live longer I am told. I hope he lives forever.

Now...where's that retired guy...
Working hard I see.

Kane is sure lovin' this retirement thing. He's getting extra walks and playtime and they are both enjoying each other every day.
They don't go too far from a water supply in this heat. Tomorrow it will be too hot for Kane at 30+ so he'll be close to the A/C all day.

Another lost soul wandered over to the food tonight. 
I've seen this one before but she keeps her distance. I say 'she' only because it has a pretty face. Tonight she will be nourished and sleep well.

hugs, Deb


  1. The picture of Kane drinking from the water hose is beautiful!!!

  2. Deb, we have a lemon tree in our garden and I LOVE tea with lemon and honey in it; it's the "civilized" way to drink it, IMO.
    Give that handsome Mr. Ed a hug from me.

  3. Miaow Miaow a lemontree in your garden ?!
    That we can´t have in Sweden = too cold in the winter !
    Me too like to watch my mom when she is messing around in the kitchen , you never know if she is going to need a paw or two ;-)
    22 years old that is an respectable age Ed !!!
    I think it´s gonna be hot here today too , so I´m going to sleep under the AC :)
    Have a nice weekend !!!

  4. We agree with Katnip Lounge. Lemon in tea, delicious. Bracing, reviving! Gets you back in focus. Throughout the day, my mug is never far from me.
    It's a good day knowing that another homeless baby has has food and water. God bless you, Deb.
    Please kiss sweet Lily and Ed for us.