Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have I got a tea for you.

                                "Are you drinking tea AGAIN?"

I found a tea that has upt my tea drinking to over-the-top. A great tea in a fine cup. Now, is this not the greatest tea-cup that even spells out for you what you should be enjoying in it.? I think so!

 Even when the weather is hot I enjoy hot drinks. Apparently, hot drinks cool you off faster than cold drinks. I read that somewhere but I really don't believe it.
The bestest tea is Camomile & Apple 

and here in my opinion is the finest cookie to compliment this amazing cup of tea. Here's my other cup when I have a bigger thirst for the nectar of the Gods.
(photo taken last it is +29 & humid)

With this cup you need 3 cookies. :-)
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh that sounds like a tasty one. I have a cup of tea every morning, so I will have to see if I can find this one. It sounds like a good one to add.

  2. My husband still drinks his hot coffee in the morning. But I have to ice my tea during the hottest part of our summer. I enjoy some of the fruit flavored teas too.

  3. It really lookes like your cat`s are thinking = Are you drinking tea AGAIN :)
    My mom say´s that even if she is a devoted coffédrinker she think´s she would like that Camomile and apple tea :)

  4. he he - I think I still prefer iced drinks in the summer. That looks like a tasty tea.

  5. Love the look on their faces! I love tea and will have to try this one.

    ~ Tracy

  6. Thank you so much for visiting, as I have now discovered your blog too! and a fellow Canadian!!! We are about 1.5 hours north of Toronto... Your furbabies are adorable ... following and look forward to visiting you again... HHL

  7. Hi Deb,
    So nice to meet you and welcome to the neighborhood! Love your kitties and your tea choice! (Not to mention 3 cookies!!!)

  8. I so want to be a hot tea drinker! I don't quite know why. I think it sounds more lady-like or sophisticated or something. But, alas, I am a coffee girl through and through. (I'll take the cookies though!)

  9. The tea looks heavenly. And so do those adorable kitties! I haven't seen it in my local market, though. Maybe we'll get it sooner or later. I hope so.
    Even on the hottest day, I always begin my day with hot tea( several cups). I will have many additional cups throughout the day interspersed with a cool beverage if I'm really hot. Then a cup in the evening as I unwind from my day. I love all sorts of teas! But it's Twinings or good old PG Tips or Liptons in the AM, without fail. I can't imagine a world without tea!

  10. P.S. I bought a mug with the saying " Where there is tea, there is hope".
    I believe it!