Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flittin' from here to there

There is always a rush from July 1st 'til Sept. 1 for clients to book holidays, rent cottages or just take off somewhere for awhile. Those are my busiest weeks. I have 3 brand new kitty clients which is exciting. I love to get to know them. Then there are approx. 8 cats that I already know and love. Busy, busy time. My own demand my time, too. They are taken care of first thing and then the day is theirs. These two, Mr. Ed & Lily spend the whole day together.

                            (Playin' footsie)
Kane seems to 'get it' and spends these hot days just lying in front of the A/C. He's a good dog.

I brought home the new addition to my office. Plastic containers for 'what-not' will be removed from my office soon to make room for the 100 year old wash-stand turned scrap-booking and cat-care paraphernalia holder. It has a serious job ahead.
Once again, thinking outside the box. It always works for me. Gary loves to re-finish old furniture and this one does need the top sanded so I'll leave that for him. One more thing to add to his TO DO list. The hardware is original. NICE!

It is over 40+ here with the humidity very high. Today I feel exhausted from this heat. I really hate it.  I look and feel like something 4 cats dragged in. On top of caring for cats I am also taking care of everyone's out-door plants. I don't mind but it adds time to each household so that all has to be taken into consideration. I try not to charge for a bit of care around the house but some of these gardens are huge so it all depends on the time it takes. This is something to consider if you are starting up a cat-sitting service in your area. YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT.
Insulin shots are being given daily and grooming has been requested also. No Pilling this week. Yah! 

I hope you are having a good week and enjoying your weather. If it's this hot, stay cool. If not....I wish I was there. I really do. I'll pop by when I can and leave a comment. If you missed my last post please take a look to learn the signs of 'heat-stroke in cats'. 

hugs, Deb (Who am I kidding.....I couldn't hug anyone today)


  1. I love the wash basin project...if you put a sink in it..the cats will come! LOL

  2. THis weather is grotesque. Our car thermometer read 39C in the SHADE in Cornwall today, and that was before adding the humidex. Even with our central A/C, I find the heat exhausting. I was spraying cool water in the chicken run today as the hens were all very hot.

    I LOVE the washstand! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh Deb I am so hot here also. I go out and by the time I'm in the car I'm a sweaty mess. I am staying in and cool as much as possible. Take care of yourself.

  4. We love it : love the cat you are with! Hope you manage to keep cool and care for those kitties. What a job!

  5. It's great you're busy, though likely means you don't get time off this summer. :-)

    We had a humidex of 45C yesterday and without a/c in the house it was awful. Hard to breathe. Two dehumidifiers and all the fans running.

    The boys were outside in the shade--at least there was a good breeze, albeit hot. And I sat out in the shade with my feet in a basin of cool water. Heavenly. Managed to wet Derry down on the sly while he was getting his cuddles, but Nicki stayed under one of the giant hostas most of the time. Nice and cool under there. The boys weren't as bothered by the heat as I was!

    Take care and stay as cool as possible. Summer is great, but this is ridiculous weather.

    -"Mom" Kim

  6. Deb,

    Julie says..what a lovely washstand, esp. w/ original hardware!

    Glad you came by to sample our winter thoughts!
    No hugs, just tail wags from the dog. A great fan for cooling!

    Julie & Tom