Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Herb-fest

Sunday was a gorgeous day. After cat-sitting we headed to the Annual Herb-fest.

My herb garden sure looks teeny now.

Herbfest is an Ottawa Valley tradition combining a large marketplace of over 90 vendors and artisans, informative lectures, a Chef Cook-off, live entertainment, and much more with time to relax and meander through the beautiful landscaped herbal garden beds.

Wonderful tables full of local crafts and artistic wares. Plenty of delicious food to try and lots of cold beer for those who wanted to kick back and enjoy the live entertainment.

The best bakers were on hand and we came home armed with lemon thyme loaf cake, tarts & chocolate oatmeal cookies. I'll just have a bite of each, please.
Gary couldn't resist the cookies.
You are looking at a happy man.
Lunch was vegetarian lasagna for moi and sausage on a bun for the meatatarian. 
There were herbs as far as you could see and many I had never heard of.

"Wow, where do  you start? Do I see fairies?"

"OK...I'm not imagining this"

Oregano, thyme, sage and so on
You cannot imagine how good this place smells

Such a pretty place. To think that someone actually lives here. Lucky!
Then home we went and dove immediately into the tarts. Oh good grief, they were good. Then off again to visit Gordon, Frank, Molly & Bud.    Gordon & I have made great strides. tonight we sat in the kitchen, side by side and had a long conversation. Really.  More on that tomorrow.

Hugs,  Deb   


  1. M says dat place look like so much fun.

  2. mmmm I can smell the herbs from here! What a neat idea, I have never been to an herb fest but it sounds (and looks) delightful!

  3. I told you Gordon was going to fall in love with you. And he's going to fall hard! You are going to light up his kitty life.
    Such a beautiful setting! I would love to learn more about herbs and their various uses. And the baked goods! Be still my heart. Glad you had such a lovely weekend.