Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not getting much done

OK...I am getting nothing done at home since these kittens arrived.

6 days old
It took me all of 3 hours to clean one room. I just love to watch them and chat it up with Mellie. Since she has arrived I haven't called her by name much because I don't like the name. I have been given the OK from the shelter to change it so her name as of today is Annie. I think it suits her more.

It poured here last night so no watering of out-door plants for awhile. I think we really are coming to an end of it anyway.

It's quiet for cat-sitting and I am so thankful with the foster cats here. I have to check often on them to be sure each kitten is getting its share of food and not screaming over in the corner. I love to watch them scramble for an eating spot and then just calmly settle in. So sweet.  I want Annie to be really used to me so it takes time and many visits in the room. My daughter, Allie came over to meet Annie. It was love at first sight.

Annie has ballerina feet. She is gaunt, too, so I look forward to watching her fill out a bit.
I have CBC on for them during the day....nothing but the best for my fosters :)

Tomorrow I start caring for Helma,the German Shepherd who belongs to my husband's friend. You have met her in past posts and she is one lovely dog. Looking forward to seeing her again and showing her off to you.

It's a beautiful, cool day and Kane and I are heading out. "C ya"
hugs, Deb


  1. Annie looks like a love..those tiny feet are adorable.

  2. Those kittens are just so extra cute. What a joy it must be to foster them. M says she wouldn't get any work done either -- too busy watching babies.

  3. Hi Deb...The kittens are so cute! They will be up and running around before you know it! :-) Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Oh my gosh the kittens are so cute and Mellie, now Annie, sounds like a great mum :-)

    I love that painting of all the cats that you posted!!!

  5. I like the name Annie very much! She looks to be such a sweetie and those cute babies are stealing hearts! Have a great day Deb!

  6. Good morning Deb!
    Awww how sweet and what a wonderful distraction for you! You're right..Annie does have tiny ballerina cute. I bet it won't take long for her to fill out with all the love and attention and good food you feed her. I'm looking forward to seeing Helma...German Shepherds are such beautiful dogs. Enjoy your beautiful fall up there with all your reds....I miss that.
    Maura :)

  7. I wondered how long her name would(n't) last. LOL. I remember having foster kits for a while. Got. Nothing. Done. It was too much fun playing, holding, setting up VIDEO PHONE so I could SHARE the wee noises, watching them play with sunbeams on the floor & in general just laffing my butt off at the darlingness of them. I miss them. But kittens are a lot of work!
    Annie does have tiny feet! (I won't say ballerina feet ever after we watched Black Swan *shudders*)

  8. I like that you changed her name, sometimes the name they are first given doesn't suit the personality.

    We kind of changed Boots to Bootsie, and Boo. We never got to name him, but it just evolved to Boo. It suits him. Especially at 2 am wakeup calls.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Wow, who did those lovely pet portraits? And how large are they? At first glance, it seemed as if they covered your entire wall, but then I saw a frame around them. (It's an optical illusion!) I wasn't too keen on the name Mellie either, but I'm not one to criticize. :) Annie is much cuter!

  10. Annie looks so sweet. I want to give her treats and cuddles.
    The kittens are adorable.
    But I bet a lot of work.
    Sending you "strengthening" thoughts for all you need to do these days.