Sunday, September 2, 2012

A big hug for Hilary

It's odd how we can think about, and worry about, someone we have never met. I met Hilary only through blogging and she has recently had to undergo brain surgery. I found her by a comment she made on another blog. I was so impressed with her 'out-look' on a subject that I went right over and learned more about this very interesting woman. Now I am a big fan of Crazy as a Loom. 
I am wishing her well and hope that she is home soon and resting. I have thought of her so often this week and wished I was closer just so I could drop off some flowers to her and maybe take care of her cats while she recovers. You know I'm good at that.  I would bring her chocolate, too. But, distance keeps that from happening so I am sending my love and big hugs for you, Hilary right now, today. Heal up girl and rest, rest, rest. We all miss you.

I know she enjoys my 'cats in windows' so I have a few taken this morning.

You know I love those white cats. This is my kitty-client, Buddy.
and those troublesome tabbies. You know all about them, Hilary.

and look at this guy.

Do you think maybe this is the cats' favorite window to sit in?

Looks a bit dopey, eh!  I'd say he's been around the block with that mangled ear. I wonder how often they have to change the blinds.  :)

Hope you are feeling better than this cat looks, Hilary. Can't wait to hear from you.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sending out healing vibes to Hilary from my "neck of the woods." Seeing your kitty clients always puts a smile on my face. How's Allie feeling?

  2. Thanks Deb. I hope I look a bit better, but hey, maybe not.
    That's ok. I know I will get there, one day at a time, and with so many good wishes from so many sweet friends.
    Hugs back at ya.

  3. So glad Hilary is doing well after her surgery! I enjoyed the cats in windows series this post! Hugs, Linda

  4. I am sure you would be at her door with those flowers and chocolates if possible. Hilary seems to be a brave and positive soul, wishing her the very BEST!

  5. I know just how you feel about blog friends you have not even met. We worry about them, laugh with them and cry with them. I am sure your friend will love the cats in the window pics and I hope she feels better soon.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Hi friends!
    I hope your Monday is fun!!!

  7. Love your window cats. Hope Hilary heals up FAST! She needs some kitty kisses.

  8. That the way all of my window blinds look. Maybe the kitty with the mangled ear was a gentle soul, put upon by the more aggressive kitties. I've one of those. He'll allow himself to get whapped by the other cats but won't fight back. He's a love.
    Prayers and purrs coming Hilary's way.

  9. Haha ~ so cute! I think kitty needs a new window shade. LOL!
    xo Catherine