Thursday, September 13, 2012

The ups and downs in a day

Thank you so much for all the fun comments for our crazy cat, Audrey. I do believe this cat could have her own fan club. I, being her biggest fan.

The sun was pouring in the house today. Ed and Lily always take advantage of a warm, sun-filled spot.

I am back to being busy again with cat-sitting but found some time this morning to spend with our grand-daughter, Riley. She came along on one of my house-sitting assignments.
While I was inside caring for the house, and wishing there was a cat to pamper, she played with gramps, who wanted to spend some time with her too. Then she spotted a toad, cracked open a butter-nut to find the nut inside and ran as fast as she could around the property. She lost her shoe twice; Kane in tow.
She will be a big sister any day now. Her little brother is due on the 20th. It's getting very exciting for everyone.

I was informed after returning home that someone dumped a mother cat and her 8 kittens (eyes still closed) in a box at the end of a nearby road in our town. THE END OF A ROAD! What is wrong with people? The lady that found them lived close to the spot and thankfully took them in to her house to keep them safe until someone could take them. Our shelter is full and could not help her. The rescues are full. This lady that helped them cannot afford to care for them so a temporary spot was needed. Last I heard, they are safe and that is the most important thing but this sort of stuff happens all too often when the shelters are full. I get very tight in the chest when I get these calls but I know that there are as many good people as there are irresponsible people and  things will work out. But, 9 more cats will eventually need a home. It's so discouraging.
When I get anxious, I bake.
 Just one batch of chocolate chip/walnut cookies. As you can see, half of them are gone already.
I usually have lots of company in the kitchen when I bake and tonight I was joined by the birthday girl.

While I baked, she played with the ribbon on the cook-book.

I only wish all cats were as loved as this one.

hugs, Deb


  1. Cute photos of little Miss Riley! Love Audrey's face...still a little lion, isn't she? So sad about the kitties! I am glad they are safe and will soon find homes. I often think the same thing, Deb...about how loved my babies are and what cute personalities they have! How sad to think that there are little personalities out there in the world that no one will ever know. You need not feel do so much for kitties! Hugs...Debbie

  2. I agree with you that all kitties should be loved! Your granddaughter is just adorable and I bet she's going to be a wonderful big sister. XOXO

  3. Because this is a village in the middle of nowhere, the pet dumping thing happens all the time. Do they think kittens can live with no one caring for them? Do they think the Christmas puppy will be able to live on it's own? Every house in this village is full up with strays! We do our best but we cannot keep them all. I'm glad you had a happy day before the stress. ~ Maureen

  4. I love the statue of St.Francis, and I also love dear Audrey.
    Thanks for commenting about Rupert and Willow, poor Tom was trapped for 1 1/2 hours like that. lol
    We have been cat free on the beds for the summer but we notice that now the evenings are getting colder they are gradually creeping back at night, not so good....

  5. All cat's deserve to be loved so much as we love ours.It is sad when people behave so bad to trow there animals away.Ik hope they wil be ok and find al a good home.Riley is a cute little girl.

  6. Breaks my heart when I think of all the cats and kittens who need homes. Makes me hug mine a little closer. I wish I could adopt them all. They are such wonderful creatures.

  7. That Riley is so cute and I know she will be a great big sister! I am a fan of all your cats! I do enjoy the 'antics' of Audrey. I am so sad about all the cats being dumped. That is just horrible! Thank god for such good people like you and so many others who help them. Hugs, Linda

  8. I so understand your feelings of anguish. My heart just breaks when I hear of that happening, and up here people don't respect animals very much...

    That said, Bootsie is spoiled, and I know that one day there will be a stray at the door, I am just waiting for it to show up. It will have a home, and Boo will have a friend. Whether he likes it or not.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams