Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I do share life with some wonderful cats

There is still much love in these two cats for each other.

  Mr. Ed had a leg injury last Spring and for many months after that Lily did not go near him. He didn't seem to mind much. He needed to heal. Well, his back left leg is permanently damaged as he has lost most of the muscle back there but he still gets around and loves his food, his couch, his deck and yard and for the most part, his Lily. He never misses the litter-box and for that I am thankful.

Today I watched Ed as he groomed Lily. I often wonder what the relationship really is.
 It's so intense sometimes and you will never see them apart. They seem to be inseparable. Then it changes and  they barely look at each other for weeks. They make me laugh but then I wonder if this is similar to some marriages.

We got a lot of rain yesterday. I actually had to return to one of my client's homes to shut windows as it came down in buckets. I have some beauties this week and when I can I will photograph each and every one of them for you. One guy, Optimus,  has a total of 18 toes on his two front paws.  He should have 10. Are you picturing snow-shoes? He is delightful. He is known as a polydactyl cat.
I have 2 black beauties, both long-haired, tabbies, grey & white & one that reminds me so much of my Annie.


Have I mentioned that Annie is the sweetest cat in the world? Yes, of course I have. It is soon coming up to a year since I brought her and her 3 kittens home from the shelter. She has certainly blossomed into a lovely companion and we love her dearly.

I am so happy I picked her (or did she pick me?) out of 28 cats that day to foster for the shelter. So....I don't make a great foster home because I fall in love too easily. That, I found out pretty quick. But sometimes things happen for a reason and I believe Annie and I, and her off-spring Audrey,  are meant to be together. Can't fight it and that's that!

When God created kitty cats,

He had no recipe;
He knew He wanted something sweet,
As sweet as sweet could be.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a nice way to ease into a long day =)
    Hugs to Mr Ed and Lily
    and a cuddle to sweet Annie

  2. Love your kitty photos and stories. Fabulous!

  3. I love seeing animal interact...sometimes I make up stories too. I'm feeling the heart-strings tug to get another cat, especially after seeing your sweet Annie. Bailey was a sweet cat and I'm lost without him--very much missed. XOXO

  4. =)... and we love your blog and stories!

  5. What a sweet couple...
    I love the little rhyme; it's exactly how it is!

  6. I hadn't realized that Ed was left with that much deficit after his injury. He's such a marvelous little man. So brave.We're crazy about him.
    Abby has come along beautifully! She used to have so much sadness in her eyes. Good work, Deb.

  7. There is something so sweet about cats affection for each other. My Sunny came to us as a kitten and attached himself to our old male cat. They would snuggle and groom together. After he died, poor Sunny tried being affectionate with the other two cats but that special relationship never happened.

  8. I really enjoy hearing about Lily and Mr Ed's relationship. They are so sweet together and I bet are kindred spirits! Oh that Annie stole all our hearts when you brought her home! Glad she go to stay, and little miss Audrey too! Hugs, Linda

  9. AbbY! Where did that come from? This blasted iPhone, that's where! A thousand pardons dear Annie!

  10. Annie's sweetness just oozes through the photos!