Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday

I was tired Saturday night but I'm not much for TV so I baked a birthday cake.
I did my cat-sitting very early today and said "Farewell" to lovely Tugnut. What a sweet cat he is and I will miss him. I hope I get a chance to care for him again.

Brunch at my son's to celebrate the retired-guy's 58th bday.
I know, he's young to be retired but he sure is enjoying it.  Yesterday he repaired our roof. Yah!
He's not lying around, I'll grant him that.
Ozzie always looks for treats in my purse. Smart cat.

So, he got a ukelele for his birthday. I hope I don't regret this.
He suits it, don't you think?
Riley wants to learn how to play, too.

His favorite banana cake with walnuts.
and lots of fun presents from everyone.
We had a fabulous brunch.
"Happy Birthday, Gramps"

Our next celebration will be to meet our new grandson due in 2 weeks.
Allie was not able to be here today but she is better now and back at work.
Thank you for all your nice comments.

We had to walk the brunch and cake off so we picked up Kane and headed out.
Gary has his ukelele and Kane has a stick. They couldn't be happier.

Off to cat-sit again.

hugs. Deb


  1. Happy Birthday to the retired guy!!! Looks like a fun party and was fun for 2-leggeds and 4!

  2. Mom Paula just loves seeing Kane because he reminds her of her very first pet, Tiny, who was a collie.

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like he will never let go now of his ukelele!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the retired guy !
    Hope he will enjoy his Ukulele and you too :)

  5. Happy Birthday Retired GUY!!! Always enjoy your posts, your kitties & your "sitting kitties." And now, I'd like to enjoy that banana cake! Might you want to share the recipe?! If it's a secret, I understand.

  6. Wishing the Retired Guy a very happy birthday! Love that he got a ukulele! How fun!

  7. Happy Birthday!
    RG on the ukelele...Kane beating time with his stick....Aaaah.
    Jane x

  8. I looooooove ukeleles!! And banjos. I sometimes think of taking banjo lessons. Happy birthday to your bearded one!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to Retired Guy! Love the next goal is for Grandson Nick to teach me violin! :) Your Ozzie reminds me of angel-kitty Tibbs...<3
    Have a great week, Deb!
    Hugs, Anne

  10. Happy Birthday to your retired man. Kane is a beautiful dog. What is it about purses that cats love! My two are always sleeping on mine.

    I enjoy hearing about all the cats you care for, and seeing all their cute photos.


  11. Happy Birthday to your guy! September is a busy month!! The banana cake looks scrumptious and I can just hear Gramps playing the uke with Riley. What a wonderful day:-D

  12. Happy Birthday to mr Just Cats. You must get him to check out the British Ukele Orchestra, they are just awesome. I saw them in concert two years ago, one of my faves ever.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  13. I agree that you should share you cake recipe. What a wonderful, family oriented birthday! You see, it's never just about cats or teacups. It's about all the things that make you the person we just have to come back and check up on! ~ Maureen