Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A touch of white on White Wednesday

Yes, I'm back at the cabinet again. All the blue and white have moved into the kitchen where it looks best.
Cream and white stays in the dining-room cabinet with just a touch of Fall.
My helper today is Audrey. What's new? She didn't see much of me yesterday and I'm paying for it now.

I have a new tea-cup and saucer that my daughter, Jess gave me this week 'just because'.
The unexpected gifts are always the best. My kids know how to get on my good side :-)
Pretty little cup and saucer. It looks right at home here.
It looks so nice with my blue and white transfer-ware, too.

I'm still floating on a cloud today. That new grand-son is just the sweetest little cuddle-bug ever.
Of course, I have to high-tail it over to see him again and get a few more cuddles in.

I'm joining for the last White Wednesday.

hugs, Deb


  1. I have a set of white too; there's just something so the birth of a new grandson. I bet you're on cloud 9! I'm traveling to see my grandson in late October and I'm counting the days. They really are the best thing in our lives:-D

  2. Love the new teacup. Looks sturdy enough even for Audrey! :D :D Enjoy the grandson!

  3. I love the new teacup and how you fix that cupboard always makes me smile. I am so happy for all of you and the new Grand!! Hugs, Linda