Monday, September 24, 2012

Adding some colour and hoping today is the day.

Up early, kitties still cuddling and I'm in the dining-room changing things up. I think the white poppy was the deal-maker when I brought this print home. To me, Fall is a time to add some colour to my rooms and the little bird plates, well, I just love them and want to look at them every day. Now it's time to change up the china cabinet to all white. Yah!

My company this morning in the dining-room is little Audrey. She's just getting over a cold, along with Cali but both are feeling better today. That makes my day.

I have keys to pick up today for cat-sitting, a scheduled long walk & I'm off to Pakenham to do some shopping.
It's sunny & cool. Gorgeous, perfect weather. All I need  to make it better is to meet my expected grand-son. Here's hoping today is the day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Your dining room looks warm and welcoming - just right for this autumnal season.

    I hope your grandson makes his debut on time and in perfect health:-)

  2. The poppy print does add that perfect burst of colour to your decor...and I think Audrey approves. Have a wonderful day and here's hoping your grandson makes his appearance:-D

  3. hi .. stopping over from Hilary's ... a saw your photo with your white cat and had to stop by .. we had to say goodbye on Thursday evening to our darling Rose .. she of the sweet yellow eyes, dainty tiny paws, pink nose and ears .. she was white except for some juliet cap marks of ash on her head ..

  4. Love the color of the print and those adorable bird plates! Hoping today is the day also! The waiting is so hard!! Hugs, Linda

  5. Come on new baby....we are all so looking forward to meeting you!
    Jane x

  6. Have you noticed you have a cat on your table? I'm sure it's the first time it's happened. Fingers are crossed for you today! ~ Maureen

  7. I so hope for your dear daughter-in-law's sake that the little one doesn't linger for long.

    The picture and the birdy plates look so good against the wall colour in that wee corner of your home. My own senior cat, Zebby, has just come into the room - purring loudly and he is now topping up his tummy (while purring still). I love that this resuce cat feels so safe, secure and happy with me that he purrs away to himself. Zeb often purrs himself to sleep and tries to purr me to sleep too!!!

    Sending care and huggles to you all, Michelle in Wellington NZ (andwith Zebby purring very loudly from the next room, bless him)

  8. You do have a beautiful home! And I love that shot of Ed and his friend. :)