Sunday, September 16, 2012

Silliness personified

I read a post last night about a grey cat that was found wandering the streets in Toronto in terrible shape. It was young, hungry and had a damaged tail. It needed help. Someone found it in time. "It will be ok,"  they wrote, "with a lot of care."
I got thinking about Audrey and imagined her lost on the streets.I thought about  how often I have to get her out of a  predicament.
Just last night,  she found her way into a shopping bag and proceeded to destroy it, only to get her head caught in the handle. She was unable to free herself and went flying down the 2nd floor hall making a huge racket. She was so scared she went straight under my bed and lodged herself in the corner. I had to reach in and drag her out to release her head from the bag. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She thought she was going to die.

The thought of this little maniac,  lost and helpless, wandering the streets, getting herself into unspeakable situations made this lost cat's plight all the more vivid. This cat  that was found last night was under a year old. I can just imagine the fear and the confusion for this little lost soul. Our Audrey, at one year of age, needs to be supervised at the best of times.
"I'm very smart"

She has fallen down behind dressers, slipped and fell behind the washing machine, has jumped into the clothes dryer, was rescued from a toilet and actually made her way into the fridge while someone stood there with the door open making a very important decision on lunch ingredients. She will chase anything and bit into an angry wasp leaving her writhing on the floor with a fat mouth for hours. Young cats are fearless and rather idiotic. Audrey on the streets would be a tragedy in the works..

Last night I held her and hugged her silly head.
                                          The little lunatic lion.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's such a good thing she found you! You know, some cats never outgrow their lunacy...witness our Maui. He's crazypants.

  2. I always worry about my babies too when they are out and about..and I pray for the homeless furries everyday..that they are safe, warm and well fed..and that they are loved..

  3. Being chased by The Plastic Bag is a very scarey experience...but do they learn? Not a chance!
    We have a few cats with 'challenges',if they weren't livng with us I can't imagine what would have happened.
    Jane x
    PS Lovely Audrey, can you spell cat treat?

  4. Deb this post brings up so many sad feelings of knowing that little crazy kittens are on the streets and not safe. I'm afraid they don't last long and that breaks my heart. Can you imagine not having that crazy Lion Girl!!! Me neither! hugs, Linda

  5. Thank goodness Audrey has you to nurture and protect her!

  6. Oh how I pray for homeless animals. I wish I could care for them all. Mae was rescued, along with her two siblings as tiny kittens from an old Farm in Maine by our Vet, Dr. Rita. It sounds like Audrey is a typical kitten, getting herself into mischief, just like a toddler would. I adore hearing your stories Deb....thank you for sharing them all with us!

  7. I think that's her best quality and she's so lucky she's yours! XOXO

  8. I love your sweet stories and photos. I am glad I found your blog!

  9. Audrey is a very smart little lion ... she lives with you!!! :D :D I giggled when I read about the refrigerator. Mina has tried to climb in several times, but hasn't made it yet! I'm always careful when I take clothes from the dryer. I just know she's behind me watching and waiting for her chance to jump in!

  10. What a great post about a sweet kittly-tudeness.

    Audrey has a wonderful home filled with love and happiness.


  11. Some kittens, just like some kids have lifes full of scrapes and adventures.

    It sure must be scary for a kitty left to fend for itself on the streets, without love and a warm bed to sleep in.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  12. I'm glad your little lunatic is home safe! She's so lucky to have you...

  13. My Tigger was rescued from the streets at 4 1/2 weeks with every parasite known to mankind. He' a wild teenager but we feel that is what helped him to survive.
    Although the vet I saw yesterday didnt know about the type of enclosure that was shown in your blog, another customer knew about them. She said people would , thinkIng they were
    finding a storage container, pull them apart and then
    leave them disassembled when they saw the hole.
    Kids would also stand on them and stomp them. Her son and daughter in law lived in
    Oregon, USA and that's how she knew about them (?).