Saturday, September 1, 2012

a darling cat

Autumn is in the air
My evening walks with Kane are really enjoyable now. This summer has been too hot for him and he so appreciated the evening breeze and the cooler air. We walk on a street by the Mississippi River and every night the Canada Geese fly over our heads as they practice for the long trip south.

Sierra spends the early evening on her porch bench and then joins the rest of us once the sun has disappeared.
She is 10 years old now and has always been an easy cat; one that never asked for anything and appreciated all that was given to her. She is a cat that will keep you warm in the winter and join you on the deck for a barbeque on the hot summer nights. She appreciates every meal she is offered and has never turned her nose up to any food. She is an indoor/outdoor cat and never leaves the area. You can pretty much bet your last dollar she will be on the front porch when you want her. She was a rescued kitten; found in a tree with no identification. She loved my daughter the moment she laid eyes on her.
                        She is a darling cat.

The flu still's a nasty one. Thank you for all your good wishes.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hope you are feeling better, Deb! These pics are great; definitely fall-ish!

  2. Your description of Sierra sounds much like our dear old Eggnog--an uncomplicated sweet-natured cat.

  3. Oh to have a cat's life...especially with you as my caretaker:-D Hoping tomorrow is a turning point for Allie's flu and she starts getting some relief. XOXO

  4. Dear Deb
    I really LOVE these images of Sierra - oh and love those autumn colors (miss autumn like crazy... we've had the longest heat-wave spell ever, it's been pure agony!). She truly epitomises an easy cat and I can really feel you when you say she is a darling cat. She looks like a beautifu self-contained little soul. Please give her a kiss from me.
    Hope your daughter is better - flu, ugh!!
    xo Joan

  5. Deb,
    Hope you are feeling better.What a sweet cat Sierra is.She looks so much like our Tabitha <3.

  6. Deb, Sierra is a sweetheart for sure. Love her on the porch. Hope Allie is feeling better soon! Hugs, Linda

  7. Three to six days. Hope Allie's fever is down mine broke today.
    Your photo of Sierra is a perfect autumn photo. And the dear girl is so color coordinated. I know what you mean about an "easy cat". Aren't they wonderful. I make it a special point to give them the of the attention they deserve. Without their ease and cooperation, taking care of the "personalities"
    would be much harder.