Sunday, September 2, 2012

Waiting on the Colours of Fall

Once I turn the calendar to September I am totally immersed in all that is Fall.

My favorite colours have always been the Autumn colours; gold, apricot, cream,yellow, brown, green...

I think it's because I'm a red-head.

Do you think I was drawn to Kane at the shelter because of his colours? Maybe.

but there might have been more.
 He worships the Fall weather. He's at his best then.

Calico cats make me think of Fall
This is my grand-kitty Rae-Rae

My favorite photo with Kane was taken in the Fall

Decorating in the Fall is fun.
and I know I'll be baking more.

I use my mother-in-laws recipe
for this pie.
"Oh my"
which means more walks needed.
oh, Kane will love that.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm already looking forward to the autumn, especialy when I see those lovely pictures....

  2. It will be November before fall will be here....shucks! Autumn is my favorite season and I miss the color change. I'm be decorating starting October 1!!!! Kane is very handsome.

  3. I am also looking forward to firing up the oven!

  4. Just look at those fuzzy heads! Rae-Rae and Kane are both beautiful! Fall is such a cozy season. I love that shot of Kane on your beautiful porch. I think I need to dress mine up.

  5. Your photos make me ready for fall colors also!

  6. You´re beautiful!!!!
    Have a great week!