Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Favorite Thing

This little sun-catcher is one of my newest 'favorite' things.

It came home with me from Newfoundland last month.
The houses there are all different colours and look so pretty along the shoreline.

There is no sun today to catch and it has been raining for hours but it still makes me smile just to look at it. It is made of glass and hand-painted.
I hung it in the dining-room
on this dark and dismal day.

Audrey's not impressed.

"Got me what the dang thing does. It doesn't even smell like fish.
It may have to die."

Sun-catcher is now safely back in the drawer.
I'm joining Claudia at for A Favorite Thing Saturday.
hugs, Deb


  1. You are brave. That cute sun catcher looks like it's begging to be destroyed by you-know-who!

  2. I like your sun catcher ... even if Audrey doesn't. Maybe she'll slow down a little in a couple of years! :D :D

  3. It's New! that's all it took for Bailey not to like something! Audrey may soften a bit when she realizes what beautiful sunlight comes through... BTW, how's the orchid?

  4. That sun catcher is so neat! I love the houses and the way it echoes the houses on the Newfoundland coast. Thanks so much for joining in, Deb!


  5. I have always loved sun catchers. I have one in the bedroom and when the sun comes up in the morning it just sparkles.

  6. I love your sun catcher! But I do fear for it's safety.
    Maybe hung higher in a taller window? I see a very determined kitty girl there.

  7. With Audrey around I would put that pretty thing away also. Love the sun catcher and I think you got a wonderful souvenir of your trip! Hugs, Linda

  8. I have a beautiful hummingbird the drawer!
    Jane x

    1. I know Jane. Mine just went right back to the drawer after photographing. Maybe next year.

  9. I adore your suncatcher, so darling! What a charming reminder of your visit to Newfoundland. Love the photo of hillside, with all the colors.

  10. That sun catcher is so beautiful, Deb. I love those house colors. (I notice one of the houses on your sun catcher has a red roof, just like the bright red roof in the photograph!) What a perfect memento of your travels.