Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dominique & Natalie

Isn't she lovely? I have cared for her for many years now but only recently has she let me be her friend.
But, nonetheless, we are now bonded and she really enjoys my company. No more wide-eyed hissy fits. 
She is the picture of health.
Dom and I have something in common. We are always watching our weight.
Dominique looks lovely now and  hopefully will keep her weight constant.
I have to say if there was a contest for the most beautiful kitty client...I don't know....she just might win.
Keeping the weight off is always a challenge
but she's winning.

Speaking of winning...

So I said to the retired-guy the other day, "You know that girl, Natalie that I mentioned raises chickens & ducks and lives just east of us on a hobby farm? You know the girl that raises bees, too and bottles the honey? You know, she is an artist and she's funny, to boot." 
"Yep, he said"
"Well, I said, she just entered 3 of her roosters in a rooster crowing contest at a local harvest festival."
"Really, he said. She's hilarious"
She is.
Well, folks....Natalie's rooster, Errol Flynn tied for first prize and her rooster, Lord Gaga came in second.
Natalie, herself, won first prize for the human version of rooster crowing.
She came home all proud of her roosters and loaded with prizes.
I just know you want to meet her so get on over to
and get to know Natalie and her handsome hubby, Gordon.
You will have some laughs, learn everything you ever wanted to know (or not know) about bees, get to know her chickens and ducks and meet 4 of the most comfy cats and 2 adorable, pampered dogs. Have fun.

hugs, Deb


  1. More beautiful kitties and the weight issue is every women's ongoing battle:-D I feel so out of the loop while I'm here in California, but it's nice to get the news of my friends--Congrats Natalie, I'm so happy Deb introduced us, XOXO

  2. Natalie and Dominque are beautiful!
    A rooster named Lady Gaga, eh? =)

  3. What beautiful cats! I'm sure they know how lucky they are to have you caring for them while their owners are out of town!

  4. Love that you finally got some photos of Natalie....she is a beauty. Love the chicken names! xo Linda

  5. what a funny and lovely post. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  6. Wow, I follow her blog and it's nice to know you two are neighbours! ~ Maureen

  7. I will have to head on over and visit with her...

    Love your kitties.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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  9. Dom sure is a cute cat <3
    Me and mom are reading Natalie´s blog too , we didn´t know you two are "neighbors" :)

    1. We are about 90 mins away from each but have yet to meet. It's time!

  10. What lovely cats! I enjoyed reading your post! I would love to visit your neighbor too!

  11. Love the markings on that first sweet baby!

  12. DEB! I'm so sorry to have been such a slacker, not reading this until today!! And when I saw that subject line I thought, "Wow! She's got a client with a cat named Natalie!" HAHAHAHA!

    Thank you for the kid words and plug. Ronna and I really need to rustle up a road trip to come see you. I promise to bring honey!