Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fine china and a cat/ferret, not sure.

I have a new vintage tea-cup and this time it was not made in England. You know how I love England.

This pretty little piece of art was made in Bavaria. It is such fine china.

I was about to throw this blanket into the washing machine today until I suddenly saw it move.

This gave me an idea for the cat-tip-for-the-day.
We have a 'thing' in this house where we always have to double check to see if there is a cat under anything we are about to sit on. She loves to tunnel and I am beginning to think she may have some ferret in her.
So do check before sitting if you have a burrowing maniac in your home.

Needlesstosay, the blanket still needs to be washed. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm off to check on Allie and cat-sit Buddy, Emmi & Di. Have a good day, everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. Good idea! Watch out for kitties!

    Love your teacup.


  2. That should be cross-stitched on a pillow! I hope Allie is starting to feel better. Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend. XOXO

  3. Oh those young un's keep us on our toes!

  4. *They* are always where *they* are least expected.....:D :D :D

  5. Audrey keeps your life interesting =)
    When Winston was a kitten I was constantly shuffling so I wouldn't accidnetly step on him :( He was always underfoot.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.
    Glad you can be there for her.

  6. In my home mom and dad have to check the bed before they jump in it , so they dont crush me :)

  7. So cute! Tallulah is my "tunneler" ~ :) And that cup and saucer is the cabbage rose!