Friday, September 21, 2012

Old habits die hard

When I'm  bored I do one of two things; groom the cats or play with dishes.
By 'playing with dishes' I mean re-arranging, co-ordinating, cleaning or photographing them.

I remember as a child playing with my mom's cups, saucers & silverware. I didn't have a camera then so I was content just to stack them and mix and match  the saucers & cups. I would set the table with her china and have a tea-party for my dolls. I can still hear my mom saying "are you in that china cabinet again?"  She must have thought it was a bit wacky for a kid to like dishes so much. She probably thought I'd own a classy bed and breakfast some day. She hoped, anyway.

I added 2 cup hooks to my small china cabinet today. This is just the start of something big.
Did I mention I love blue and white? Almost everything in this cabinet was bought at an antique/thrift shop.

I guess you noticed I collect tea-pots? Audrey can't figure what the fuss is about them. She says they are useless.

We are off to our property today and hoping it doesn't rain. There are rumours it will rain for 4 days straight once it starts.

Have a good weekend.

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hugs, Deb


  1. You have a lot of nice teapots, Deb! I love the little elephant! Have a good day and send us some of that rain! lol

  2. Hi Deb,

    I made your banana cake with the butter cream icing for my stepdaughter's birthday. It was so yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe and all the wonderful kitty pictures. I have 6 kitties myself and love seeing all the pictures.

  3. Audrey, the teapots are not useless. They make the tea you guys love to drink out our cups while our backs are turned! Have your other property a name? ~ Maureen

  4. I love blue and white. I have ever since being a kid and playing with some dishes my grandma had. I love Audrey's expression!

    Your collections are beautiful!

  5. I love playing with my dresser, rearranging it, changing with the seasons, your lovely blue and white is very pretty
    Thea x

  6. Audrey has such expressive eyes. She absolutely does not need words.

  7. I heart that elephant teapot! I love whimsical teapots---have one shaped like an owl, with an owl creamer and sugar bowl to go with it :)

  8. Enjoy your day out and about. I am afraid that teacups and pots have no interest for me, as I don't do hot drinks at all. I also have no storage space where I live for any extra dishes. Yours are very sweet though.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  9. I bought my mom the same elephant tea pot a few years ago. She loves it!

    I hope you and all the kitties have a good weekend Deb!

    xo Catherine

  10. Unlike Audrey, I love seeing your dishes and tea pots. You just have such a good eye for finding the most unique pieces. BTW, it's raining here too, but we need it. Have a wonderful weekend, XOXO

  11. Just love the elephant teapot. Can you tell me where you got it? I'am and elephant nut and collect all things elephant. Hope you have a great weekend . Just love reading your blog

    1. It was bought in a gift shop in Carleton Place called The Remembrance Shop. Thank you for the nice comment, Cathy.