Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A day to remember

Let's back up just a bit. These photos are too cute to not show you.
This is Riley yesterday morning after mommy went in to the hospital.
 She was dressed. She was waiting for the news.
We thought we should go out for a good breakfast because it might be a long day.
"Let's eat like truck drivers, Ry."

She enjoyed that.
Then off for a walk in the bush with Kane to get some fresh air.
She only tripped once.
 We weren't there long before the cellphone rang. "He's here". I couldn't believe it. It had not been 4 hours. Off to the hospital we went to meet Riley's little brother, Bradley.

Now she is enjoying the 'Big Sis' role.

As soon as I come down from 'nana planet' I'll be off to collect keys for a busy weekend. I have some new kitties coming up for care so I'll be showing you those beauties.
It's cool here. Autumn is here and not about to leave. The trees look gorgeous and there is always a cool breeze now. Sweaters, woolly socks, light gloves & a scarf at night are just perfect for this time of year. Love it! Time to freshen up the wardrobe an I'll be looking for little blue mittens for someone very special.

hugs, Deb


  1. How precious! Riley is such a beautiful child, and that new baby boy--so sweet! I don't know how you can concentrate on anything else right now, Deb. Even cats pale just a bit in the glory of a newborn grandson!


  2. Oh Riley will be such a great big sister! He is adorable and I know what it's like to be on Nana Planet! Hugs,Linda

  3. I am so thrilled for you and your family Deb! Nana (or Nona in my case) Planet is a fabulous place to be.

  4. Welcome to your lovely new grandson, he sure is a cutie.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. Congrats, Riley, on being a big sister.
    It's a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility =)
    What a little cutie your grandson is-hugs!!

  6. That is one beautiful, little girl! I'm sure she'll be the best big sister ever. Glad it was a short wait for little bro to arrive. ~ Maureen

  7. Congratulations to you all! He's a cutie, and of course he'll grow up to have a deep, abiding love of all four-leggeds, especially cats. :-)

  8. I can't believe I missed this post. Welcome to little Bradley, he is gorgeous.xx