Friday, September 14, 2012

No CATastrophes, please.

"SHE's spending too much time in the dining-room today and completely ignoring our needs.
We will have to have a 'family meeting' soon. I won't have this."

I shut the door to the dining-room and the cats have their tails in a knot.
Sierra thinks it's a CATastrophe.
She's threatening to leave with the mail-man (and he'll take her).
They DO NOT appreciate closed doors.

Today I decided to bite the bullet and do a small table-scape for all my dish-lovin' blog friends.
It's small because I take baby-steps with everything I do but the stew is hardy and good for a cool day.

I love blue and brown together.
This plate was made in Malvern, England.

Here is the tureen I got for my birthday. I think it's beautiful.
The salt and pepper shakers were my mom's . 

This little pottery bowl  will hold the butter for the baguette. It was a gift from my friend, Christine.
I treasure it.
Of course, we will end dinner with a good cup of hot tea.
Do you see Kanie's painting on the wall?
Look close at my napkins.

How could I not buy these.

So that's a simple little table-scape for a Friday night dinner.
Vegetarian stew, anyone?

It's raining and pouring and all the cat's are snoring. Even Audrey, thank God.
I'll give you the stew recipe soon. I am off to do the cat-sitting dinner rounds.
"Hang on kitties...I'm coming" 
Have a great evening, everyone.
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hugs, Deb


  1. Keep it simmering... we'll be there in about four hours.
    Jane x

  2. I love vegetarian stew! Sweet table you set Deb!! I know Charlie 'hates' closed doors also. After all is is HIS house!!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Ooh, think it might take me longer than that.

  4. ummmm, stew sounds so good.
    I am having my Bunco group at my house in Nov. and thought I'd do a killer beef stew, hot, crusty bread, a big green salad and have banana pudding in the canning jars that is so, where did I see those???

    Hope you will post your wood burning stove with the pipe so I can see how you decorate it all....

  5. Cats have a lot of rules and NO closed doors is universal!

  6. What a beautiful table you set; so inviting and I do wish we lived closer. Vegetarian stew sounds wonderful...I'm thinking of doing a vegetarian Shepard's Pie, although it's sunny. I'm not complaining--we get plenty of rain throughout the year.
    Love the attitude of that Sierra has; she's so put out that you've closed the door. Have a wonderful dinner dear friend, XOXO

  7. You sure set a beautiful table!!

    I love Christine's dish

  8. I'll be right over, please save me some stew!! What's up with the closed doors?! how rude!

  9. Such a pretty table! I must find those napkins for my daughter. She'd love them. Do post the vegetarian stew recipe! Half my family don't eat meat and I'm looking for a good one. ~ Maureen

  10. Hopefully the kitties weren't too mad about being locked out of the dining room. Every once in awhile it's nice not to have kitty fur in your soup. LOL!

    xo Catherine

  11. Hi Deb
    I haven't been very active on the blog during the Summer but hope to be posting more now.
    Thanks for the comment on Daddy.
    He's such a lovely cat and Rupert has his eyes. I would love to take him in but I doubt we'll ever really tame him, he's been feral too long, 5 years to my knowledge.
    Still, we are progressing and he waits on top of the garage roof each night for his food and comes a lot closer now than before.

    I fully understand the closed doors, as soon as a door is closed we have 5 cats sitting on the other side with indignant looks on their faces. lol

  12. What exactly is this (closed door) that you speak of? I don't think we even have any of those in our house. Good thing too, it sounds dreadful!

    We are very jealous that you have rain and cool weather. We are hitting triple digits again today and while the experts say that cats are desert animals, this hots is pushin' it!

    We'll be hangin in the sewing room today with That Woman.

    Lovely table settings but I don't see any room for furry butts? What's up with THAT?

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. Oh yes, I've love a bowl. It's been rather cool here. Those cats might cause a revolution while your back it turned...

  14. That looks so lovely - when's dinner? Thanks for linking to "Open House".

  15. Beautiful tablescape =)
    Stew sounds wonderful. It's been cooler, and a bit rainy, too! I ♥ this weather.
    As an aside, Sierra, you are right to hold a meeting. This sort of behaviour should NOT be tolerated!

  16. I'm so happy to meet you, Deb. I've joined your blog roll and will be back! I love your tea things and all the kitties!