Saturday, September 29, 2012

little cakes

Today I baked 'little cakes', as my 2 year old grandittle, Riley would call them. They are pumpkin muffins but she can call them whatever she wants.
Pumpkin muffins

It's very rare to see Lily sleeping by herself.

The sun was so warm today and my walk with Kane so slow and enjoyable. He stops to sniff everything so when I walk him it is HIS walk, not mine.
You really don't work up a sweat with a 12 year old Sheltie.

Little Bradley is doing fine but I know for sure he hates his bath and does not like to be naked. Hmmm...that could be a problem but time will tell. He is so cuddly.

I have new cats this weekend to cat-sit. I LOVE THAT. Each cat has its' own personality and I enjoy getting to know them.

I mentioned last week that Cali had a cold and was down in the dumps. Well, she has turned around for the better but little Audrey now has some upper respiratory issues. I scooped her off to see my Holistic Vet yesterday and she gave her a 'remedy' to stop the sniffles and a B12 shot to give her more energy. Her chest is clear so it is all in her sinuses. I'm just to keep a close eye on her. She and her siblings had a tough start in life as her mom was diagnosed with a very bad bacteria after they came to my home for fostering. Of course, the kittens got it, too. So I need to really watch this little scalliwag. If the remedy doesn't do it's job she will go on antibiotics. I'm hoping we can avoid that.
Off to cat-sit seven kitties this weekend.

hugs, Deb


  1. I like the name 'little cakes'!
    Jane x
    xxxxxxxxx extra kisses for Audrey,hope she feels better soon.

  2. Yum to the little cakes!! Bradley sounds adorable...funny, Tiger loves to be naked and we have to make him put on a diaper and clothes! Maybe it's because we live in a very warm climate! Enjoy you new kitties! Hugs, Linda

  3. I agree with Jane..."little cakes" sound perfect! I had to laugh, because both Ari and Maddie did and still do, enjoy being naked. In fact, the other night while doing FaceTime with my daughter, Maddie came into the room and proudly announced--"Mimi, I'm Naked!!" Hoping she gets some discretion when she gets older:-D LOL!

  4. Now, I'll always think of them as little cakes. My daughter uses a holistic vet for her rescue animals, but I've never tried one. Hope Audrey responds well to the treatment and is back to her old tricks! ~ Maureen

  5. Little Bradley probably just likes to stay warm and doesn't like anything that disturbs his warmth. Can't wait to see more photos of him.
    I'll come and cuddle with you, Lily.
    Hope the kitty kids feel better soon.

  6. Poor little Bradley :) It's chilly for him. He will need lots of hugs!
    A kitty cuddle to your scalawag, Audrey! Hope she mends quickly.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I love "little cakes". I think Riley has the right idea! Poor Audrey. Mina has had the sniffles, but Dr. says it's allergies, but I watch ...

  8. Hoping Bradley will soon think baths are a good thing!
    Sending Audrey thoughts of health! I hope she is back to her usual entertaining self soon! What a great kitty!
    And where are Lily's cuddle mate?! Sending loves.
    Lily, WA, USA

  9. Riley´s name on the cakes are really cute :)
    Here it has been raining most of the day , so no walk in the sun today.
    Sending (((purrs))) to Audrey

  10. We hope Bradley is feeling better very soon