Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall dishes and a feral

Brown transfer-ware says 'Fall' to me.

I love the brown transfer-ware but I only have 2 pieces. I'll be on the hunt for more when I hit the antique shops this Fall. 

It's been a busy week-end for cat-sitting. 
I said "so long" to Buddy today.

I hope I get to care for him again.

I have 4 new kitties to show you soon. Oh boy, wait 'til you see them. They are gorgeous.

I'm just now back from the warehouse. When I first started  feeding feral cats at a warehouse there were maybe 8 at that time.
Some came, some went and I was able to trap one that I felt was not feral and find a home for her.
The last few months I have seen only 2 cats. It breaks my heart wondering where the others are. One is an older male that has been around the block and I call him Jack. He shows up for me to actually see him twice a week or so. He obviously eats somewhere else or is a fine hunter. Little Peek, named because she/he would wait in the grass and peek at me from a distance until I had placed the food and then was safely back in my car, comes for food every night. She/he may not be much of a hunter (not all cats are) and is now depending on the free grub. She/he is feral but I am seeing some progress in her/his trust of me. 
This is taken from my car with a zoom.
Tonight I made more progress. The cat came closer and actually started to eat with me standing just 10 feet from him/her. I talk and the cat never takes his/her eyes off me; even while she eats.
I have been feeding this particular cat for about a year now. I don't know what has happened to the clowder of cats that were at this sight years back but I expect they have moved on or died. It's a very tough life for a feral and I worry about this one so much.

Thankfully, my daughter is finally over the flu. It was hard to see her so sick. This one lasts over a week and I'm hoping we have seen the tail end of it.

hugs, Deb


  1. We always worry about the feral kitties in our neighborhood.

  2. So many things to talk about. The birdy in your cabinet is gorgeous.
    Buddy is adorable...the you think the others have moved on? Ferals make me want to cry...they are there because humans don't care,but they have such fight and spirit to carry on.
    Please tell Allie to take it easy took me three weeks to get over that flu's horrible.
    Jane xx

  3. I'm glad those ferals have you looking out for them. Do you know if they have been altered? Ferals certainly do have a tough life, especially with how cold it gets where you are. Glad they at least don't have to worry about food!

    1. I don't expect they have been. Around here, there is no vet that will help to keep the population of ferals down by neutering or spaying them cheap. Our shelters are full also so if they were to be trapped they would be euthanized. There are many colonies of ferals in the Lanark area all because of irresponsible owners. It's a sad state of affairs.

  4. I agree--it's so hard to see a feral cat. It's so nice that in your area, they have you to watch over them.
    I'm so glad Allie is on the mend; tell her to ease back slowly and keep drinking lots of fluids. XOXO

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my dad. He broke my heart today with his sadness. Thank you for caring. Blessings on you too for your sweet and kind heart!

  6. I worry about the strays in my neighborhood too. It's how Mr Toes came to be our new outdoor cat! Oh and I love your shelves and your brown transferware is beautiful. I love the egg cup! Glad Allie is feeling better! Hugs, Linda

  7. Oh, the poor little strays and ferals. You're a God send to them, Deb! Buddy is a real cutie. I love your pretty hutch with all of those dishes! Now let's see, a cat arm and a piano arm! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Our two little cats are rescued strays, one was supposedly feral. They have turned out to be the sweetest and most affectionate little girls, repaying many times over all the effort we put into settling them in. The feral one is the most affectionate of the two, she adores people, but is terrified of strangers.

    I hope Allie takes her time and doesn't rush convalescence.

  9. You are so good to feed the ferals and it must be so hard to see them diminish. That little one is gorgeous and colouring gorgeous too. I can see she is trusting you more and that is good. Thank you for helping those little one's.. Hugs GJ xx