Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Making room and kitty in a window

Today,  I bid farewell to Optimus, Olivia, Vora, Ebony & yesterday to Emmi & Didi.
Tomorrow is a day off for me and then I will be busy again. I will have 9 cats to cat-sit for the next few days. They are all returning clients so there are no worries about them being afraid of the stranger in their home. They all know me and enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs.

I was in the little town of Almonte yesterday and just had to pop in to the antique shop. I found this little blue and white tea-pot and that just made my day.
It goes  nicely with the few blue and white pieces I have already. I love the blue and white vintage cups.

 I was just about out the door when I saw this little tea-cup sitting alone on a shelf.

It was made in Holland. Home it came. Just heading to my car, I looked around at some of the beautiful, old buildings. Then I looked up.
 Way up!


A little tuxedo cat spending the morning people-watching.
 I think I have cat-radar.

Just in case I sound like a dish hoarder, I did recycle some dishes that I was not all that fond of this week. I took them to our local thrift shop along with clothes and other house-hold items. I am getting pretty fussy about what I like now and they just were not doing it for me.
Must make room for things you love.

Here is a Cat-tip-for-the Day (I think most cat-owners can use this one)

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Saving your furniture
Cats scratch objects for two distinct reasons; to sharpen front claws by removing loose scales and fragments of skin, and to leave a visible mark which will be noted by other cats. Some surfaces tend to be repeatedly scratched and smell signals from the footpads provide semi-permanent marks of possession. The longer an object or piece of furniture has been used by the cat as a scratching post the more difficult it becomes to provide  a substitute. If you are starting with a kitten, introduce it to a scratching post immediately. Hold the kitten near the post and position the paws appropriately. It will soon learn what to do and most likely use the post from then on.
Owners who want to redirect their cat's scratching of furniture or draperies should first offer an alternative material close to the existing scratching area. Soft, raw pine-wood is often a favorite but some cats prefer a cloth covered wood. When you introduce the post, cover or remove the items that have been inappropriately scratched.  If that is not possible, cat-repellent or a strong-scented polish on the scratched area may avert the cat.

Personally, I have added fire-wood to the area where my cats spend most of their time. It is left on the floor lying flat so when the cats scratch it, it stays still and does not rock. They stand over it and scratch away. The cats enjoy tearing away at the real wood just like they would love to scratch a real tree outdoors. At the end of the day I vacuum it up.

hugs, Deb


  1. I've not recycled any of my dish collections, but I have done that with some of my cookbooks; I don't want to be featured on "Hoarders!" I love the blue and have some Willow and Flow Blue that I cherish; your collection is a beauty!

  2. I'm also a blue and white pottery fan!
    I already thought that little pot was Dutch, because of the windmill ofcourse....;)
    Love from the Netherlands.

  3. Our mom is lucky that we like to scratch our scratching post.

  4. great tips, and I LOVE the teapot.

  5. Lovely teapot, blue and white always looks so fresh
    Thea x

  6. You have the best luck finding teapots!!! Wonderful and I love the cup too.

  7. I love your delft blue mug
    I have a small collection =)
    sweet kitty in the window!