Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love at first sight

At 60,  I still believe in 'love at first sight'. That's a good thing, I'm sure.

It happened again this week.
Often, it is the eyes that grab me first.
You know, that little twinkle.
Sometimes it's the smile but in Optimus's's the feet.
Truly, that is a first for me. I already know he has noticed me because this morning he sat on my pen while I wrote in his daily log. He also tried to climb into the cat-bag and maybe come home with me. Oh boy, it was tempting.

The leaves are turning quickly here and we still have 2 weeks of summer. By the time Fall actually arrives our trees will be bursting with colour. It's a very pretty time of year.
I'm home for lunch and some tea. I wish you were here to join me. Cucumbers from my daughter's garden make a wonderful sandwich and there is nothing like a hot cup of tea and some treats to finish lunch off. I have had no time to bake this week so Dad's cookies will do just fine, thank you very much.
Tea with a bit of honey.  Yes, I am a big fan of the bee.

I'll be heading out to do the dinner rounds soon. I'm already missing old twinkle toes.
Have a fun day.

    When God created kitty cats,
    He had no recipe;
    He knew He wanted something sweet,
    As sweet as sweet could be.
    He started out with sugar,
    Adding just a trace of spice;
    Then stirred in drops of morning dew,
    To keep them fresh and nice.
    He thought cats should be soft to pet,
    Thus He gave them coats of fur;
    So they could show they were content,
    He taught them how to purr.
    He made for them long tails to wave,
    While strutting down the walk;
    Then trained them in meow-ology,
    So they could do cat-talk.
    He made them into acrobats,
    And gave them grace and poise;
    Their wide-eyed curiosity,
    He took from little boys.
    He put whiskers on their faces,
    Gave them tiny ears for caps;
    Then shaped their little bodies,
    To snugly fit on laps.
    He gave them eyes as big as saucers,
    To look into man's soul;
    Then set a tolerance for mankind,
    As their purpose and their goal.
    Benevolent ... and ... generous,
    He made so many of them;
    Then charged, with Fatherly Concern,
    The human race to love them.
    When one jumped up upon His lap,
    God gently stroked its head;
    The cat gave Him a kitty kiss,
    "What wondrous love," God said.
    God smiled at His accomplishment,
    So pleased with His creation;
    And said, with pride, as He sat back,
    "At last. . .I've reached purr-fection!"
    Author Unknown

hugs, Deb


  1. Easy to fall in love with that kitty ! Gailx

  2. Maybe - Just Cats and Teacups Home Care! Ha! Very cute here!

  3. Does he have extra toes? He is beautiful! He reminds me of a cat that I use to have. I love his colors.

  4. Love the poem. Yixing teapot?!!! Lovely! Optimus is quite a guy!!!!

  5. Have to say that Optimus is gorgeous. I think you need him in your home.


  6. Optimus is a very cute cat !
    LOVE the poem about how God created the cat <3

  7. Oh those toes! So adorable! Love indeed!
    xo Catherine

  8. It is just as well that I live in New Zealand with my "one only, only one " darling rescue lad, Zebby Cat- or I too would be wanting to smuggle Optimus into my home!

  9. Great poem and Optimus is absolutely gorgous, what fabulous feet :)

  10. First of all, a kitty that looks you directly in the eyes so intently when he has something obviously on his mind is always captivating. Secondly, those feeties with the extra toes and the soft tufting are the cutest things ever. I think he had all of us even before meow!
    Hope Allie is feeling better.