Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of week update on life as a cat-sitter.

Well, my busy week is winding down. I said "Farewell for now" to lovely Dominique. She is a star in my eyes.

Then off to feed William, Becky & Katy. Only one, William, will come out from hiding. These are rather new clients so we have some serious work to do here. They live in a HUGE house, a Victorian Mansion (like the ones you see in the old black and white movies) so there are too many hiding spots. William is a mush-ball and can't resist a good pat.

Lola presented me with a pretty but rather dark photo opp this morning. She likes to hide in silly places but I found her quite easily. She is shy and what a beauty she is. So, so sweet.

Otis and Rosie were doing figure eights at my legs this morning trying to put the rush on breakfast. Love these three tuxedoes.

Back home, little Cali is being given colloidal silver in her food to help stop the sniffles.
She is 19 now and woke up with a cold and some sneezes on Wednesday. She is eating fine and drinking water so I will try this before running her off to the vet and stressing the old gal out. That's enough to kill this cat.
Ed & Lily are going strong.
They spend their afternoons wrapped together on the couch. They are two old love-birds. Ed is 24 & Lily is 18.
 Yes, I share my home with three geriatric felines.
Audrey loves her Aunt Sierra. Her and her mom Annie have an on again, off again relationship. Audrey doesn't really trust her mom's moods at times. She has really thrown this 'momma' status out the window.

Tomorrow I gather up keys for the coming weeks and fill up the cat-bag. Right now, I'm heading out with Kane for a walk on this beautiful, Fall day.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love your feline charges =)
    Glad to see Mr. Ed and Lily canoodling together.
    It's chilly and rainy here--perfect snuggle weather.
    I've never heard of colloidal silver ? Winston and Oscar have had bad kitty flu in the past. Where do you find colloidal silver and how do you know how much to use? I hate taking Oscar kitty to the vet. He is very sweet but I know it terrifies him.
    Have a cat cuddly kind of a day =)

  2. Colloidal silver ... a new one for me too! I think I'll join the old ones and take a nap!

  3. The first photo on Dominique is soo pretty !
    My "mom" have never heard of Collodial silver either :)
    What is that ??
    Have a great weekend !

  4. Aw such sweetness! I do love the way the cats curl up together and that Audrey just keeps me smiling! hugs, Linda

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  6. I'll try this again. Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic. My vet is a holistic vet and she is aware that I give this to my cats at the first sign of upper-respiratory illness. I put 1/2 tsp. in their food daily for 2 days. If I do not see improvement I have the cat checked by my vet. Speak to your vet about colloidal silver. It can be used on humans and pets.

  7. Colloidal silver... ??? Would you puurdy please tell us a little more about that? Thanks!
    Love all those cats!
    Lily, WA, USA

  8. Love your geriatrics! I just want to crawl into the pile that is Ed and Lily.

  9. What a blessing that your cats are living long, healthy lives. This speaks well of your tender loving care!

  10. You have a wonderful and fulfilling job. And obviously you're a wonderful cat mom if your cats reach those ages. Every time I come here I wonder if that Audrey has gotten into mischief.

  11. What a striking picture of Dominique! And I love seeing cats snuggling together, especially those two seniors enjoying life together. Hope Cali feels better soon.


  12. We think you're pretty lucky to meet so many cats.

  13. 24 and 18????
    wow, they are well loved and taken care of!!!

  14. What stories you are able to tell! I believe you are an angel on earth to these kitties. So enjoyed meeting them all....stunning photos Deb!