Wednesday, July 18, 2012

an evening walk

It rained yesterday. Glorious rain. Enough that the ground felt wet when it was time to take Kane on his evening walk. I hope it was enough to make a difference. Maybe we'll see green grass again before the summer is out.
There weren't many cats out this evening but these two are always on their porch.

 Buff & his youngster friend. I've posted this little tuxedo before as he is quite a character with the stash and all, but thankfully he is smart enough to stay away from dogs.

On our walk we pass by where I would turn up a road that leads to where the ferals are. Earlier this evening I was putting the food and water down and could see one waiting through my camera zoom. Waiting for me to leave so it could dine on a good meal. Anticipation...
(Wild as the night, this guy)

Continuing on the walk, we came across a delightful sight.

 Many people leave out food for birds and squirrels in this area and I suppose it isn't too strange to look out and find other wild-life having a piece of the pie. This, I'm sure, was a welcomed  surprise for the home owners who live on a dead-end We were a good distance away when we took this photograph. You can see some bush behind these homes where I expect they spend most of their time.

We pass by many of these old 'painted ladies'. This one is directly across the street from our home. Gorgeous!

It's not tipping over...that's just me trying to take a photo and hold the dog's leash at the same time.
I took this for Hilary at who loves the old homes and barns like I do. She often posts beautiful photos of barns in her area and if you haven't met Hilary you should get on over there right now. She's a great lady: very talented, funny, enjoys family time, soft-hearted for the feral cats  and she loves her Roy. She has a give-away on right now so quit monkeying around and pop over to meet her.

hugs, Deb


  1. I think you do quite well taking pictures while holding the leash. My camera fell and broke once while holding it in the same hand as the leash--be careful! Off to visit Hilary's blog now.

  2. We still haven't had this rate I'm going to have to do my rain dance!
    Jane x

  3. We have a cat in our neighborhood that is related to that grey and white cat - only he is mean mean mean. He likes to beat up on my two cats.

  4. Love the old house....I sent a flyer to "Blackbirds" today........hope you win!!!

  5. Our day is a little grey; don't think we'll see the sun, but hopefully tomorrow before my grandson arrives. The scenery is just beautiful and so quaint. It reminded me of our home in Connecticut with the deer coming near to eat. I even had a mama deer take an apple from me once--very trusting. Thank you for the lovely walk, XOXO

  6. Lovely views on your walk! The kitties are very cute! We have baby deers with spots in our neighborhood! That house is very quaint!