Monday, July 16, 2012

A downside to the feline golden years & slimming down kitty has a wonderful article on Feline Dementia today. I am very interested in this as Cali has been showing signs of it for 1 year now.
 At 19, she is doing well, eating, using her box, asking to go to the deck, wanting attention but her sleeps are broken by the need to wander and call out at night. It only takes me to say her name though and she settles. I wish that worked with Audrey.
She's very busy today remodeling her new box. Purrfection is everything.

Does your cat looked bored? Take time each day to play with your cat and you will both benefit from it.
A feather on a stick, a bouncy ball, a cat-dancer will get kitty up off the couch and will help keep kitty happy and trim.
(My cat-sitting client, Dominique loves the cat-dancer)

We have an epidemic of over-weight cats. It's up to us to change that.

Have you taken time out for yourself today? Do that. You know how the first five days after the weekend are the toughest so...
                                       STOP and smell the roses.

hugs, Deb


  1. The eye peeping over the edge of the box says it all. lol


  2. Hello Deb,
    I have never heard of Feline Dementia. That is so sad! I guess I just never thought of it before. That is a gorgeous teacup! Thanks for your visit and have a lovely day.


  3. sweet Cali. I'm glad that your voice guides her =)
    Beautiful tea cup.
    I have spoken with my Mom and convinced her to go thrifting next month for cups and saucers! wheee =)

  4. That little scamp in the box is so cute! I wonder about Charlie and dementia sometimes but since he is almost 14 it might not be. I'll read that article. Love the teacups! Hugs, Linda

  5. Great photos! Thanks to share!

  6. Hi there !
    My mom was thinking that it could be arteritis your old cat Cali have too. The cat who lived here before me had that and he too wondered around and miaowed in the middle of the night.

  7. Of all the toys the caats have...old boot laces are THE favourite!
    Jane x

  8. Just got my cats a crinkly play tunnel with a fluffy ball dangling from each end and two spy holes. It was squashed up together in the shop, and suprisingly long when I untied it and it expanded out! Hours of fun, though!

  9. As my Bailey has aged he too gets a little disoriented, but for him it's because the rods in the eyes have started to deteriorate. I bought night lights that go on when it gets dark out so he doesn't lose his way. Like you, I would do anything to make his life more comfortable and manageable.
    I'm finally taking some time out today and posted a recipe I came up with. If we lived closer, you could make a lovely cup of tea in the beautiful cup and I'd bring over the snack cake!
    Love, XOXO

  10. I really like your post today Deb. As my Banjo has lost 14 lbs and is keeping it off quite nicely, overweight pet awareness is very important to me. We really have to take care of our own health and our pets!!

    I did indeed take time for myself today. And Banjo and I had a good play during his 6 pm 'crazies'! A good round of chase mom and try to bite her ankles! LOL!!

    xo Catherine

  11. Our cat has a bit of a problem with her weight, she keeps it off better in the summer months but with the horrendous wet weather we're getting over here this year she still has her winter podge on. I picked up Da Bird which has been a big hit with her, her eyes light up when we get it out every evening for a play and we're awaiting delivery of a cat dancer, can't wait to see what she makes of it.

  12. Our cat got horrendously overweight. My husband thought that since the cat gobbled up his food that he was still hungry and gave him some more. Finally the vet told us exactly how much to feed him, and the cat went from 25 to his normal 14 pounds (he's a big cat). It's sometimes hard for people to look at that tiny, small bowl of food and realize that it really is the correct amount to feed the cat.