Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sisterhood of the Travelling Susan Apron

I received a very special package in the mail today.

A beautifully wrapped apron

 accompanied by a little pink package with a pink bow and a card.

How sweet it all looked and it's not even my birthday.  Pink is Audrey's favorite colour so she had to help open it. Along with the vibrant, pretty apron that has a story behind it, was 6 gorgeous linen napkins, cat grass seed for these spoiled, spoiled felines and a beautiful, hand-made card from Jane.
This is very exciting so please let me explain about this special travelling apron. It is called the Sisterhood of the Travelling Susan Apron. The goal is to bring together blogging friends with a common interest in cooking or baking. The apron has most graciously been passed on to me by Jane from The Maple Syrup Mob with a journal showing me where the apron has travelled and introducing all the ladies who wore it.
It started with Susan who made the apron and had a give-away. Meggie won the give-away and had the brilliant idea to wear the apron, bake some special dishes and then pass on the apron to another blogger. Now I have been chosen to wear this beautiful apron so here's hoping I'll get some of that inspiration, too. Oh oh, I'm getting nervous.

The apron travelled from Susan  to Meggie then winged it's way across the Atlantic to Elaine then to Scarlet and finally back across the Atlantic to Jane (a fellow Ontarian) and now it is hanging in my kitchen waiting for some magic to happen. Yikes! I hope I am worthy of this apron.

I feel very honoured and look forward to my time with this apron. I feel a connection to my mom and mother-in-law who were wonderful cooks and bakers. I'm going to love showing off the beautiful napkins in the dining-room, too (thank you so much, Jane. I will do a post with them soon) and as I type this, Audrey has left the room with the pink ribbon.

Pretty nice, eh! As soon as this heat lifts I'll be in the kitchen. ;-)

hugs, Deb


  1. how lovely.. makes a day that sort of thing :-) Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  2. Deb, welcome to the sisterhood! This experience will be so much fun.. filled with love and magic!
    The apron suits you perfectly's something to do with the magic it holds!
    I'm happy you will be able to use the little gifts, and I'm even happier that Audrey enjoyed 'her' ribbon. (Funny...Fleur had some too!!)
    Looking forward to seeing where the apron leads you....enjoy!
    Jane xx

  3. Hello Deb...Welcome to the Sisterhood!....enjoy the special magic this apron carries with it....

  4. I LOVE the story of the travelling apron! Can't wait to see your post and who you send it too! Hugs, Linda

  5. Jumping in--Welcome to Meggie's Inspiration of the Traveling Apron! Each new "Sister" becomes a very special part of my life and what led me to writing a blog about it. I just wish my mom was still alive to see how a simple pair of apron strings, cut from one of her aprons and given to me on my wedding day, has become something greater. Also, unlike a pair of jeans...this apron just to seems to fit the next recipient perfectly:-) I think it's a story that resounds friendship, love, respect, and generosity. Happy Baking! No worries, the apron will lead you. Love, Susan XOXO

  6. I am so looking forward to seeing where the magic of this wonderful apron will lead you. Welcome to the sisterhood, Deb!

  7. Yes, this is definitely NOT baking weather! We can wait to see what treats you come up with.

  8. Deb, what a fabulous idea. No baking for me either. I will not bake a pizza for 18 minutes. hugs, olive

  9. Congratulations Deb. That is a really great idea and that apron is really cute and colorful. I'm sure you will do it proud!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. What a great idea, that travelling apron is amazing - can't wait to see what you make. Might have to wait until September though for it to get cool enough for baking!

    Love Audrey and the pink ribbon, so cute.

  11. Just catching up as I'm away on holiday - welcome to the sisterhood Deb! I'm looking forward to seeing where the magic leads you.