Tuesday, July 24, 2012


                                                       (photo taken last Spring)
Well, the monkey's did fine today. Ruby went home and Audrey is settled in the spare bedroom. She is to be kept quiet for 4 days. "OH MY GAWD......are they kidding?"

We'll, we'll see if there's less fuel in her tank anyway.
They were a big hit at the clinic. The ladies loved them. I had no doubt they would.

Thank you for all your sweet comments on their 'big day'. Two more cats spayed with no chance of ever having kittens. Yah!

The retired guy just asked me if I was staying with her in the spare bedroom tonight. Oh for goodness sake, of course I am.

hugs, Deb 


  1. It's good to hear that the sisters survived their day at the vet. Hope Audrey lets you sleep! I bet a "little thing like that" won't slow Audrey down for long, ha! Becky

  2. I slept on the couch the night Truffle and Brulee were spayed to make sure they didn't try jumping on my bed to get next to me.

  3. I`m sleeping on a pull-out couch in the spare bedroom so Audrey doesn`t do any jumping, too. Just tonight...why not. She finally ate so I`m feeling that she is pretty much out of the anesthetic. Boy, was she seeing pink mice.

  4. Of course you are!! I wouldn't leave Charlie when he had surgery! Oh I love the 'pink mice' LOL

  5. I hope your girl has a swift recovery. Poppy was a teeny tiny kitten when speyed and she felt fine afterwards.

    You are so right about bonding with your cats, and I do feel sorry for cats that are ignored by their peoples.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. Glad all is well. I remember feeling so guilty when I had my Spunky Doodle spayed and declawed of her front claws. She forgave me though. Really felt I had not choice because I already had a male cat that was declawed in the front and brought in Spunky as a kitten. She would try playing with Moe (the older cat) and I was afraid for him because Spunky had claws and he didn't.

  7. It's was a crazy day yesterday so I'm catching up. Congratulations Audrey for having your "I am loved and cared for" operation. Four days of quiet??? I've often wondered who makes these rules!
    Jane x (for Audrey XXXX, HUG, belly rub, ear scrunch)

  8. All good wishes to Audrey - she has a great nurse looking after her.xx

  9. Glad too hear everything went well with the girls. Trying to keep their activity reduced for several days is the hardest part. Lots of seeds and birdie treats outside a low window did it for us. And cat stairs, the four step ones. The cat stairs have stayed on, though. All my cats love them, especially the oldsters.
    It's good you slept on the couch to monitor Audrey. Veterinary complications always seem to occur when the vet is closed.

  10. I've been playing catch up the last few days.
    So good to hear the little hooligans are doing well.
    *pink mice* =)

  11. I do not believe there is any cat in the world who is luckier than a kitty who is under your love and care Deb!
    I'm glad it all went well.
    xo C