Sunday, July 15, 2012

A simple Sunday

I know. She's a knock-out.

This is Indy who I had to give a big hug yesterday and say "See you soon, I hope, sweet girl"
I really do miss all these wonderful cats if I don't see them for awhile. 

Indy is not deaf even though a high percentage of white cats with two blue eyes are. She is just one of the lucky ones. Very lucky. 

I am combing my cats lately to check for fleas. It's that time of year and they spend a lot of time on the deck so I expect to see them soon. I HATE FLEAS!!!!!! I'm hoping this lemon mixture works as flea-control. I don't find having six cats too much until times like this.
Audrey will have no part of this combing business.
 Annie loves it.
Audrey wants to eat the comb and Annie grabs my hand when I stop combing.
Obviously, Audrey takes after her dad (whoever he was). Just a reminder that I fostered this little family for our local animal shelter last year and ended up falling in love with and adopting Annie and Audrey. I suck at fostering. Now I collect food for them. 

This is the comb I use and recommend. See how tight the teeth are. Every pet store sells them.

I am just back from brunch at my daughters. 
Our grand-daughter, Riley was busy with her tea-set at Aunt Jessie's.
Sharing pretend tea with gramps.

Someone wants to say hi.
Ruby-doo (Audrey's sister) The image of Annie (mom). She is a little leary of small people so she stayed off to the side most of the morning.

Jess sent home some of her beautiful hydrangeas.
A simple Sunday.
hugs, Deb


  1. Those hydrangeas are humongous! That white cat has the most gorgeous eyes. But you know how crazy I am for that impish Audrey!

  2. My Pops gets fleas quite often. I use a comb like that all the time, but the only way to control them for her is with the stuff the vet sells. My friends say their cats don't have fleas, but they never comb them to check and I think it is the only way to see as they are sneaky critters.

    Indy is beautiful, such a pretty cat.

    Those hydrangeas - amazing.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Hi..I LOVE your tea cup collection and the way you displayed them so nice...and I love the Cats too!! Carol

  4. Boy, do Annie and Ruby look alike . Except for the colouration, I thought Ruby was Annie! I thought it was just the photo ; that we couldn't see the peach in her face.
    Goodness! Those hydrangeas are gorgeous. The coincidenceis is rhat I went looking for white ones today!
    Is Riley is beginning to look more like her mum ? Yea or nay?
    Indy is breathtaking! Just gorgeous. No wonder you love her!

  5. It looks as though Riley could become a china tea-cup collector, just like her Gran! Beautiful little girl - and the cats aren't bad either! Simple Sundays can be the best.

  6. Hi Deb
    Just thought you might like to take a look here
    I am trying a natural flea treatment on mine and it seems to be working at the moment. Mind you, the weather is not hot here at the moment but might be worth considering.

  7. Hydrangeas are my all time fave......
    why do some cats get spooked by little kids, and others not at all.

  8. A beautiful, bliss filled Sunday!!!

  9. Lovely pictures from a lovely day!

  10. What massive hydrangeas, they look amazing.

  11. what a wonderful simple sunday at your place..ours was for me and playstation for hubby..I sewed and was nice..kind of a rainy cloudy seeing your kitties..they are beautiful..and so is that grandbaby of the big hydrangeas..they will look so pretty in your home.;) hope you have a wonderful week.;)

  12. I give a second comb to my comb chewers...than groom 'em with the Business Comb! It works for a little while, anyway.
    Thanks so much for the mention a while back--I have many new readers!

  13. Lovely post with lots of gorgeous pictures.. Mum picked hydrangeas from our yard for a vase too. ours are pink and were from a cutting from grandma's. They are loving the wet weather we are having. Hugs GJ xx

  14. Lots of sweet kitties and people here today! :D
    xo Catherine

  15. My dog loves to be brushed. She's in heaven every time you do it.