Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh yes, I remember 'sleep'

I have recently replaced a vase, my plastic table cover which someone ate the corners out of, 3 plants, the dog's treat jar  (he's livid), 2 tea-cups and I am now looking for the antique knob that was to go on a side-board.

The retired-guy has asked me three times now if I know what happened to one of his 'whatever' that was obviously smaller than a cat's head.  I am constantly stepping on grapes. We need to start gluing things down.
I always read to fall asleep. Audrey, Annie & Lily are usually somewhere close by when I turn out the light. Somewhere in the next few hours I have usually entered a some-what interesting dream. How I would love to see how it ends but NO....I waken in a stuper with a lion's face in front of me.

Oh yes, it is 3am. What was I thinking? She's had her 4 hours so what's the deal? The next hour I'm being held hostage to the antics of a flying little freak. By 4am she settles maybe for an hour. She's exhausted, you know. It's taken everything out of her to zoom the perimeter of the bedroom 1,256 times and land on my aching and sleep-deprived body. 5:30....Let's go again.  "Audrey!!!!" She runs to the office....there is a jar of treats there and she's thinking I'm up and she finally may get one.  I lift up Annie, Lily and remove them from the room. The dog bed and dog goes out to the hall and the door is SHUT. Kane goes back to sleep immediately.

scratch....scratch....scratch...........scratch...scratch..."AUDREY!!!" scratch...scratch...scratch..
She'll tire of it, she has to..."OH gawd!"

hugs, Deb (I have lots of kitty clients to show you next along with a recipe unless it's been eaten)


  1. So, you're enjoying having a kitten in the house? ha ha ha! Audrey is a scalawag!

  2. I feel you pain! I left the stuffing for a pillow on the dining room table last night and woke to a ball of it against my face and a trail of balls down the hall and stairs. Maeve is two and shows no sign of growing out of kittendom! ~ Maureen

  3. I'm laughing, but I surely have been there! Audrey is SO PRETTY!
    [I'm having to send my camera off for repairs because Mima knocked it off my desk. Possibly my fault for leaving it there?

  4. Oh, I can relate. Starting at 5:00 am, Smokey will scratch at things in the bedroom until I get up and feed him. If I close the door, he'll just scratch at the door. I've become a morning person.

  5. Oh Deb, I was laughing so hard as I read this post. That Audrey is pure beauty but what a scamp. It's really no laughing matter when your sleep is compromised. But what a girl she is. My sympathies. I do remember the kitten days when Nick would jump from the sofa onto the coffee table sending the cloth flying and spilling plants, breaking teacups, etc. So much like having a toddler in the house. Take care. Here's hoping for more peace soon.


  6. I have to say this post made me laugh....I to have felt your pain!
    Jewels runs and jumps on the bed to lay next to me BUT MJ has already beat her there and MJ decides to growl until Jewels makes her way to the foot of the bed and then as soon as MJ gets down for a midnight snack Jewels takes her place and then we start all over again! lol....

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  7. Audrey - you are one lucky lady being able to stay in the house. When Miss Pops was little I started her sleeping in the lounge. She could only come onto my bed if she climbed up and went to sleep within a half an hour. If she was naughty or woke me up, I took her back to the lounge and locked her in. She had a nice bed with a hottie and blankies in it. A light and a radio. She soon learnt to settle down. I wonder if this would work with audrey?

    Hope you get some sleep over the weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  8. Gosh I feel your pain (even though I giggled), although now four and a half Kneazle cat recently decided that 4am instead of 7.30 was the optimum time for waking me up for breakfast by jumping on me and then marching up and down from legs to torso, then if this doesn't work disappearing under the bed and making ominous rustling noises until I can stand it no more. Needless to say she's then shut out of the room until 7.30...

    Hope Audrey lets you get some sleep soon!

  9. Would it be mean of me to laugh? One of our cats got into that habit of early morning wake up calls (she was also deaf so when she yowled in my ear at an unGodly time it was VERY loud)so, to cure her......every time she had a nap we woke her up. We continued this for a few days, and then she stopped!
    Jane x

  10. Jane..that is so funny. This is what I have planned to do. No more long naps in the day for Audrey. I started this yesterday so we'll see how it goes over the weekend. People do it with babies.

  11. LOL - sounds exactly like my kitten (2 yrs) Wicklow.

    She will not settle at night. She walks laps around our head, nips at our ears and chin and knocks everything off the nightstand.

    For this reason, she now sleeps in our finished basement with her basket and all her toys.

    I need my sleep!

  12. Audrey is a little stinker. But a cute one.


  13. Hmmmm, sounds like Audrey needs another "kitten" to play with.....!

  14. Oh those days with kitties! My 19 year old, Muffin, used to have what I called "energy spills" at a certain time in her development. It was like her mainspring became wound tighter and tighter and suddenly, she was off! Running full speed around the bedroom, down the stairs and then back up the stair still at full speed. She'd do this nonstop for several minutes, then jump back onto the bed,
    groom a bit, and sleep. She grew out of it . I don't remember how long it took, though.....

  15. Oh dear, if it makes you feel any better, I'm living in a parallel universe with Emily right now. At 5 am today she stuck a claw in my back while playing with a toy on our bed.

    Kittens... good thing they're so darn cute!!

  16. Oh, I can relate! I've become a 4:00 a.m. riser because of my little bundle of fur and big blue eyes!! He is relentless when he wants me up and then, after about an hour, he's curled up in his bed for his morning nap! You gotta love them to put up with their antics...which I do! XOXO

  17. Audrey is so bad. Doesn't she realize her people need sleep to function properly!
    Hope she grows out of it soon.
    One of my brats, I think Winston, or maybe Oscar, would jump from the dresser onto the bed early in the morning and I thought we were having
    an earthquake!

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