Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cats in windows & company in the kitchen

Now that the heat is a little more tolerable, the cats are back in the windows. Yah!
Lake Ave.
William St.
                                                                     I see you.
Back home, little Audrey was busy in the kitchen window chasing flies that would land on the outside pane.
 If they had been inside they would have become her appetizer before dinner.
The tomatoes are a result of the storm last week. My poor plants took a beating.

 How those tomatoes stayed on the sill is beyond me.

The whole time I prepared dinner, she hunted hers. I think ours was a bit more healthy. Tonight I raided the crisper and chopped up carrots, 2 kinds of peppers, zucchini from my daughter's garden, mushrooms &  baby spinach. I added a hand-ful of nuts and sauteed the works with garlic, onion, basil, thyme, paprika & black pepper. That was served over basmati rice with garlic bread. meat...who needs it? I have to show you this; my daughter's watermelons are just starting to grow.

                                                             A baby watermelon
Is that not the cutest thing you've seen in any garden? Apparently this one goes to little Riley when it is all grown up.

Looks like I am nearing 300 followers which means a fabulous give-away. You are at my blog which tells me you either love cats or dishes or both. So, follow along and I won't disappoint you. Anyone care to make another give-away happen?
I want to say "hi and thank you" to all my new followers. I hope I can keep you interested with all the goings-on in a cat-sitters life.
I am heading out to care for Maddie & Joe and maybe, just maybe, they will let me photograph them. They are two handsome fellas and you just have to meet them.

hugs, Deb


  1. What cute photos of Audrey, Deb! I don't have to worry about flies at my house either! lol Here in the South, those tomatoes would become fried green tomatoes...yum! Have a wonderful day!...hugs...Debbie

  2. I love your site and i have been reading the blog for months. Thought i joined but saw the message that said your nearing 300 and realized that i didn't join. I don't have a blog but love to read others We have two cats ourselves.So to heard about what you do and about your cats is just great. Have a great day

  3. Tessie Beebee hunts the flies too.
    Just wish she would be quieter when she eats them!

  4. It is part of the International Code of Cats that they must always be dainty and dextrous in all pursuits. Obviously, Audrey is a strict adherent to that policy!

  5. Love that Audrey! Charlie use to catch those flies so easy, now not so much. Your blog is one of my favorites! Cats and Dishes...just sayin!! Hugs, Linda

  6. Glad to see Audrey is feeling better after her surgery. Our little lady lion surely seems to be enjoying her window.
    I don't think I've ever seen a baby watermelon! So cute! Never thought of them that small. How fun for Riley.
    When I saw the your tomatoes on the sill, my first thought was how ever will they stay there and then yum, fried green tomatoes!

  7. My tomatos are not doing so well this year either. I guess that is what Farmer's Markets are for. :D

    Hoping you and all the furry friends are having a good week!

    xo Catherine

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