Thursday, July 19, 2012

Riley time and taking the tractor home

Me & my baby (1984/85)

and now I cuddle his baby (I know, the image of him) who will soon be a big sister. Here we are grabbing some breakfast at our favorite restaurant.

                                Boy, time does march on but I'm feeling very lucky.
                                  We expect a grand-son in September. Can't wait.

I was off to see Bud & Chase. How I love those two tabby brothers.

Hope you have a good day. The humidity is gone, the sun is out and this is one very gorgeous day.

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And for an amazing story of a kitten's survival please go to

I'm joining Deborah at for Farmgirl Friday.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's cooler today, but I am totally distracted by that beautiful tractor (even though it's not a John Deere)!
    Jane x

  2. I love seeing the tractor and it reminded me of a "road trip" that I took with Kelly and Ari to my sister's. My brother-in-law sat Ari up on his tractor and you could just see the delight in his eyes; I hold onto those memories since less than a year later, his mama passed away. He arrives today and I can't wait to hold him--he too is the spitting image of his mother. XOXO

  3. Good morning Deb!
    Congratulations on becoming a Grandma again!! We are getting to see Grand Baby #7 for the first time next week when we head to BC...I can't wait!!!! Riley is such a sweetheart...look at all that curly hair :) What a neat old tractor...I bet your hubby will have fun with that on your property. Enjoy your beautiful's going to be 106F here and 108 tomorrow (104 is 40C)..can't wait to feel those beautiful cooler BC temps and jump in that COLD glacier run-off water! Take care. Maura (Lilac Lane Cottage ;)

  4. I just plain love your blog! Simple as that. And that picture of you, and the big cat, under the title "I love my work" has made me smile a hundred times. And it still does. You are an amazing lady!

  5. As much fun as grandkids may be, I find my great-granddaughters to be even more!

  6. Thanks to share your sweet story!

  7. Aren't grandchildren awesome?

  8. Precious Riley, your husband on a tractor, beautiful you and sweet kitties...... you can't get any better than that!!!

  9. Oh, lucky you! Nice tractor!!! Thanks for sharing...

  10. Stopping in from Deborah Jean's. I love your beautiful and peaceful blog.

  11. Great blog! I enjoyed stopping by :)