Friday, July 13, 2012

this and that

Life is very busy and going everywhere these last few weeks. I have a busy work schedule and plan to do some travelling when it slows down soon. It's 33 degrees C today. Hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk. Sickening hot, you know. I can't even take the dog outside.
I won't be in the kitchen for awhile either.

I'm very very busy cat-sitting and caring for our son's garden & cats while they vacation. I never guarantee that your plants will be alive when you return but I put my life on the fact that your cats will be. That's just me.

I spent far too long at another client, Indy's house today.

 She's a hard one to leave. But leave I must because I still had Puff, Grace, Ozzie & Cooper & Lucky & Addy to care for before noon.

Trying to keep the house up during this heat is hard but it has to be done, too. The retired-guy loves to care for our yard and flowers and does a great job so I look after the inside of the house. It all works.
The dog is losing his winter coat now and needed a bath yesterday. Ugh! So, that's done, too. I could make a sweater out of what has been gathered from him the last few weeks.

I think I will sit back and have some tea in the A/C.

You know my daughter, Jess is engaged now. I had some fun with her engagement pictures this morning.
This little cupboard was well loved for years before it came to live with me. Now I love it, too.

Isn't young love grand!

hugs, Deb


  1. What a beautiful white cat.
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease send some warmth over here, it is dire. wet,wet, and more wet.
    Cats are all fed up with it as well, its so windy and they all hate the wind.
    Have a good weekend

  2. Young love is grand! What great photos of Jess and her fella! oxox
    (Add some ice to the tea!!!)

  3. We're a little misty here today too--thunderstorms in the Cascades. I love seeing Indy and getting a feel for her personality and how she responded to you. I can imagine how hard it was to get to your other charges.
    And, the lovely photos of your daughter and her fiancee are just priceless. You can just see the love and respect they have for one another. Enjoy your tea--wish I was near by, I'd bring you some banana bread and we could have tea together and talk about cats! XOXO

  4. I've read that blue-eyed white cats are deaf--is that the case with that little beauty?

  5. Hi Deb: Oh, how I wish we lived closer, Maggie would love to have you come and play with her. What a beautiful couple and I love how you displayed their pictures in with your treasures. . Happy Friday..Judy

  6. Hi Deb,
    Just look at the pretty face on her, she would steal my heart. I can imagine how attached you become to all of your babies.
    Your daughter and her beau are a good looking couple.

    Try and keep cool, it's hot everywhere!


  7. Those engagement images are priceless. That white kitty would be hard to leave. Mine was posing on the kitchen island today.

  8. Our cats are having a floppy day today.
    Jane x

  9. Your daughter looks very happy - lovely to see that she has found a special guy to love, and we wish them many happy years together.

    Indy is just sweet and enjoying the smooches.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  10. How is your daughter like you. The photos are amazing. Full of love and affection.

  11. Lovely pics of your daughter and future son-in-law! And this weather is getting me down. I hate seeing everything so dried out, and I worry about the animals, and my garden. Just too hot to do anything outside, and I so love being outside!