Wednesday, July 25, 2012

finding beautiful tea-cups & a few updates

We are still eating THE LOAF cake. It is much like a coffee cake but lighter.
It`s a tea cake in my opinion. The red and white tea towel in this photo came all the way from Denmark. It was a gift from one of my cat-sitting clients. They actually do not have a cat anymore as their Turnip lived a full, long life and has passed on now. So I actually was just house and plant-sitting. So sweet of them to bring me back a gift.

I am using the above tea-cup quite a lot lately. I think it`s so pretty & it`s nice to see the roses when you get to the bottom of the cup. I have had so much luck lately finding beautiful tea-cups and saucers at local antique and thrift shops. I don`t have a favorite anymore, I love them all.

My kitty client Toady is a bit camera shy. If he only knew how handsome he is. I must show him his refection in a mirror.
 Dominique`s cap

Audrey says ``Howdy`` and wants you to know that she has forgiven me completely for handing her over to aliens yesterday.
She`s such a love-bug.
She did not find it funny at all but she does not hold a grudge.

hugs, Deb


  1. Yes, Audrey, we can see what they did to your pretty belly....but your lovely fur WILL grow back.
    Jane xxx

  2. Beautiful teacups! I have the urge to go teacup hunting, but it is so darn hot! Hugs to Audrey. Got a note from Friends For Life (where I adopted Mina) ... one of her kittens has found a forever home. YeeHaw!!!

  3. Sweet Audrey! You have found the prettiest teacups lately. I always enjoy your finds and how you display them in your sweet cabinet! Hugs, Linda

  4. Beautiful cups and sweet kittens!

  5. Good to know Audrey and Ruby are doing wel.Give her a big hug from me that beautiful girl!

  6. Beautiful Audrey =)
    I love Toad's sweet face
    and the beautiful tea cup with roses on the bottom

  7. My favorite tea cup is the one with the small cottage on it. Your cat is so photogenic!

  8. I adore the Cotswold Cottage cup. The kitties are sweet as always. Clovis is on the deck worshipping the heat.

  9. The poor little kitty tummy! It is always so sad because don't know why we took them to the place that hurt them. My mum's cat held a grudge For 10 years against the person who took him to be neutered and brought him home.
    Toady is an absolutely breathtaking kitty. What amazing looks. Kind of a bad name for such a special boy.
    Oooooo! The thatched cottage cup!