Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tea for Four & Thanks Trish

A very special box has arrived from Trish at Katnip Lounge
I  posted about 2 tea-cups that I had found at a thrift-shop and Trish commented that she had the matching tea-pot and asked if I would like it. Ummmmm....YES! Really? I cannot believe how sweet this lady is. She not only lives with 13 cats, and believe me that can be quite hair-raising somedays, but she also is so generous and so thoughtful to her blogging friends. I love blogland.
Sierra was no where to be found when the box arrived so she missed out on customizing  the box to her liking once the contents were removed. She may have been snoozing on the screened-in porch because of late she has been missing 'her mailman'. He's been complaining. Snooze you lose, Sierra. When I opened the box I got another sweet surprise;  Trish added 2 more matching cups.
Really Trish, you are the best.
So "Thank you" for your sweet gift. Tea has never tasted better and I know little Riley will love seeing Nan's new tea-set.
                                              "Oh, for goodness sake."

Give all those kitties a squeeze and a hug for me. Please, everyone drop over and meet Trish and her party of 13. I get so many laughs from this blog every day. You'll meet her feline-lovin' hubby, too and you know how we love men with cats. So, go on...head on over to

Oh, Sierra, your timing skills leave a lot to be desired.
 "He's been and gone....face it!  Yes, I can see you." ;-)

Please keep in mind over the summer months how desperately our animal shelters need our donations. Your donation of money can go a long way. Canned food for kittens & puppies,  blankets,  cleaning products, newspapers for cages and toys for the animals are so very much appreciated. Also, check with your shelter to see if they take aluminum cans as some shelters collect them and turn them into cash. Thank you Ronna from for pointing that out to me. In Canada, Canadian Tire Money is also very much appreciated.

Wishing all my American followers a Happy 4th of July.
hugs, Deb


  1. Awww , your new tea set is just adorable !
    How nice of Trish to send them to you !

  2. I'm so pleased they arrived safely! Enjoy...

    And what fun to be called a lady, LOL.

  3. What an unique set of cups and pot. I know you will cherish you tea time even more with this set from a friend. XOXO

  4. I do love Mail Call! Loved the cups when you first shared them and wowowow .... the teapot is too cute! Adorable. Even more fun because they are from a pal (and all those kitties).

  5. What a cute teaset, I love it!

  6. Trish is AWESOME!!!!!!! And how great she had that teapot and cups to send you!
    We deliver Ronna's bags of cans to our local OSCPA, because we are a lot closer to it than she is. She drops them at our place, and we take them there! :)

  7. Wow! What a lucky girl you are Deb. That tea pot is just too cute and now your set is complete. Trish is the best isn't she? Love all those kitties at Katnip Lounge!
    Your tea with Riley is going to taste extra good!
    xo Catherine

  8. Those are so cute and what a sweetie Trish is! I'll go over and visit her blog for sure. Oh my that Riley is growing up!! I hope Sierra gets some mailman love soon! Hugs, Linda