Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Connect with your cat

Little Audrey and Ruby went in to the vet to be spayed today. They should have been spayed long ago but because of their health issues, which was a nasty bacteria called Clostridium Perfringens Enterotoxin (showed up as blood in the stool) transferred from the mom, they all had to be on anti-biotics and watched carefully. The vet felt it best to wait until they were really strong to be spayed. It took many months for them to recover.A result of a bad start for the mother who I fostered for our local shelter last September. So, off they went today. I won't relax until I hear that all went fine. I have a gorgeous tuxedo to care for and some keys to pick up for cat-sitting this weekend so I will be busy this morning. We had a wicked storm last night and finally got a fair amount of rain. I had my tomato plants sitting on the deck ledge when it hit and down they went. Not too much damage though. Both plants have at least a dozen tomatoes on them.

After dropping Audrey off for surgery this morning, I got thinking about the connection we have with our cats.
 How important our cats are to us. Here's some ways to enhance our bond with our feline friends.
                                             Connecting with our Cats
I cringe when I hear people say that cats are aloof, cats are not friendly, cats don't care about their people, cats are all the same. Really? Boy, it is obvious that they don't know or care much for cats. They certainly have not taken the time to get to know and be drawn in by the magnetic personality of the feline.

Why is it that some people are so willing and ready to make a dog their bestie and yet will not give any time to bonding with a cat.  They walk, talk to, play with and cuddle their dogs who in turn give it all back to them. Yes, man's best friend. Then they completely ignore the cat and expect the cat to be all over them with their charm. doesn't work that way. They need the 'invitation' and the assurance of your respect and love just like the dog does.

Take a few moments each day to connect to your cat. Really connect.

Most cats love to be combed and brushed. They feel so good after.

An imprompt play-time is always accepted by a healthy, happy cat. This builds a bond.

Talking to your cat is something that they really do love. Try it. They will respond in their own personal way.
They love to listen to a familiar voice.

Learn to read your cat's body language. The tail position tells you many things.

I had a cat that loved to dance around the room with me. I would hold her up to my shoulder and we would dance in the kitchen. She would hang on and purr. She loved it.

Pamper your cat. It will make them feel the love and be happy to return it.
Look at your cat, have eye contact and tell them that they are very special to you. They know exactly what you are saying.

hugs, Deb


  1. I totally agree! I love a cat personality. They are different than dogs and while they maybe not be bouncing off the walls with "I want to please you" energy, they connect in a much deeper way to their human family. Dianne

  2. fabulous kitty pictures and hmmm I reckon people like dogs instead of cats cos you can "control" them....but one of the reasons I love cats is that you can't !! (I love doggies too !) Gail x

  3. I love all "critters", but I especially connect with cats and appreciate their unique personalities. Before mum's Alzheimer's became so severe that she no longer recognizes or responds to anything, my kitties loved to sit with her. One could see that they understood that she was "different". They were always and still are exceedingly gentle with her.
    Also, when we have visitors , my kitties usually
    greet them at the door with welcoming meows and
    leg rubs. When seated, they'll usually get a kitty on
    their lap or at their side. A usual comment is " I
    didn't know cats were like this". The cats still lie with mum on her bed, although her brain no longer allows for response or self initiated movement. For me, they are my lifesavers! Thank Gid for them.

  4. Great post! Cat's are amazing with lots of delightful personality. Each is unique and special.

    I be praying for Audrey and Ruby, and look forward to hearing about how they are doing.

  5. Hi Deb!
    YES! what an absolutely amazingly accurate post!
    every detail rings so true!! each of my three know they are very loved, we each have special times of one on one to share the love..
    they can and do talk! they know the meanings of special words and tones of human speech..
    treats..whether spoken or spelled will see them racing to the kitchen,each waiting for mommy to appear and hand them at a time.!
    thanks again for such a beautiful post..
    prayers of loving healing for your furbabies!

  6. All so true....lovely post, Deb. and lovely kitties, too.

  7. This is the first time i'm commenting on you blog. I love it, everyday i have to visit it. Thank you. Just looking at Audrey put a smile on my face. I lost my cat a year and half ago, i can say she took a part of my heart with her.
    About people bad mouthing cats, you really can't force people to understand what they do not even try to understand. Someone once told me " I hate cats, they are sneaky" and i told her that they were hunters. . Another thing, some cats love music, My Misty loved " Edith Piaf ", specially La vie en rose. I hope everything went well for the little " rascals" Thanks again!!!

  8. I like your post.And i'm sure everything will be fine with Audrey an Ruby.With our Mikki it takes so much time to bond with her More and more there is a little bit trust.We don't know anything about her and we think people hurt her a lot.We don't know what is done to her before she came to live with us We take little baby steps and it works bit by bit .She don't like it when i hold her,no brushing or comb her but that's ok.And there are times when she look at me with her soft sweet beautiful green eyens and that can bring me to tears ,that are the moments i see love and trust.The moments i can see she feels good to be whith me,that is the biggest gift she can give me.Having pets is all about love and taking time to car for them

  9. My cats love it when I groom them especially my older cat. He has long hair and makes sure that he gets my attention so that he can be made beautiful for the day.

  10. What a bean head I am. Certainly, Ruby and Audrey are in our prayers.

  11. Thinking about Ruby and Audrey. It is horrible to wait for the vet call. Mina climbed into my lap and on to my shoulder today ... purring the whole time. She's a pistol. I think she could Audrey a run for her money! :D :D :D

  12. Every morning when I get up, I greet each of my kitties on the way to the kitchen where I feed them. I like to say their names often so they know who they are and know they are special individuals.

  13. I do believe you are the cat whisperer...

  14. Wonderful list of recommendations, I try and do them everyday.
    I hold the grooming brush, Oliver does his own grooming :)
    I've been worried all day long about Audrey and Ruby, I hope their surgery has gone well !

  15. Great advice for those that think cats are aloof! I have such a connection with Charlie and with most cats. I always take time to get to know them and interact with them. My life would be so lonely without sweet kitties! Hope the girls are doing OK after surgery! Hugs, Linda

  16. How I wish we lived closer so you could come and meet our cats. They are so sweet and precious. Two of them were adopted from Humane Society and the third adopted us.

    I enjoyed reading your wise words about cats. Ours have a special time with us, each it's own, different ways and at different times.