Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time out for two

Ruby arrived at 2:00 Friday. By 4:00 Audrey was lying in her ESS with her tongue hanging out and panting. They were exhausted. They made up for lost time, that I have no doubt.

This gal is NUTS too.

I won't be going far today
because I fear for my home and the oldsters

I had to separate them for awhile so they wouldn't die of heart-attacks.
Here's Audrey calm again and ready for round 24.

 Guess who slept ALL NIGHT LONG?

Yep...I got a full night's sleep. I don't even know where these two were all night. I just know they weren't in the bedroom flying over the bed.

The oldsters have taken to the screened-in deck. I heard them cursing as they went through the sliding door. Cats are so smart, aren't they.

More pics comin'.

I'm joining Camera Critters at

hugs, Deb


  1. So lovely to see those two have big fun together.

  2. Who says old age is boring! The antics of these two siblings made for a good laugh this morning. Sadly, my Bailey is not doing well, but isn't in pain--some tough decisions to make in the next few weeks. XOXO

  3. I'm guessing Hugo headed straight for your office! It is very lovely that Audrey and Ruby have such fun together - it is just a bit much for the older residents of your dear home. I'm picturing that all except the two young "nutty ones" will be hanging out on the back porch as much as possible!

    Fingers crossed for you for the rest of Hugo and Ruby's visit, Michelle and Zebby Cat - XXXX and puRRRRRumbles

  4. One of our favourite pass-times is to watch all of the critters that come and go on our 12 acre property.

    Coming to you from Prince Edward County. :)

  5. What fun! I'm glad Audrey gets this opportunity to let loose and have a blast! I hope your tea cups and other breakables make it through Ruby's visit! Keep the pictures coming!!

  6. They are so adorable. Little troublemakers but still they'll know what to so if your angry with them. Right?

  7. I'd love to see them in action! Fingers crossed for your china, and furniture, and drapes...

  8. Time Out would be a great caption for 2 adorable kitties.....what kind of cat are they?

  9. So good to see Ruby again and to know she and Audrey are having a good time!! Poor Oldsters! Hugs, Linda

  10. The photographs of those two just exude energy and mischief. So, that was your first full night of sleep in how long?

  11. I can just imagine. I have a little of that here. The Princess Mina plays and plays and plays ... Teddy sleeps and Cassie looks at me with that *Mummy ... What is going on?* look. !!!! Never dull and boring!

  12. They are so cute and I'll bet they have a good time together. I hope your house survives. My cats aren't all that old but right now they know exactly how your Oldsters feel. I brought home two small kittens to foster for the next month and they are driving my cats crazy.
    Happy Weekend!

  13. And a good time was had by all!