Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a shady walk

We would welcome some rain.

It's been very hot and sunny and it's so dry here. 
When you walk on the grass it crunches. But still we are surrounded by beauty. 
and the wild raspberries are delish.
How come the deer haven't found these?

Walking in the bush is best for the dog.
Lots of shade
and this dog always ends up with grass on his nose. :) 
                                                              My Kanie...he's a goof!
                                                                      The End.

So, I have done the 'lemon and water' thing on the outdoor cats (except for Sierra, outdoor as in screened-in porch or fenced yard) and will give you an update as the summer progresses to see if it actually works. I check them with a flea comb every second day or so... finger's crossed. If it works it is better for the cats and better on the wallet.

I got a beautiful parcel in the mail and I'll show you what was in it tomorrow.
hugs, Deb


  1. Replies
    1. I do believe Kane is grinning...he thinks he looks very funny!
      Jane x

  2. What a beautiful walk; wild flowers and berries...what more could you ask for. Kitty looks content and anxious to hear more about the lemon and water treatment. XOXO

  3. Diatomaceous Earth is also a natural flea killer (fleas cannot digest it somehow and they fill up on it and die). You can sprinkle on food as well as the thresholds of doorways/cracks/wherever they may come in. Also can be put on carpets and vacuumed up, just like chemical flea powder. Not sure who sells it in Canada, but I have this brand in the US:

  4. Kane really does smile! :D :D Lovely walk. Mina paid a visit to "our" wonderful vet. Poor little girl spent the day! She had horrible case of ear mites and didn't like it one bit to have them cleaned. So, it was easier on everyone to give her a little gas and let her sleep through the exam! So, we are treating ears. Also an intestinal bacteria infection, and -- tapeworms. Poor little girl. Blood drawn. Rest of shots. She slept most of the day yesterday, but today -- flash!!!! What a hoot! She also had an ultrasound ... fat belly -- no masses or fluid. Dr. says she is FAT! She eats likes she's never seen food before ... so ... diet we go! Think that is the latest news. Teddy and Cassie are getting used to her and everyone can be in the same room, in their favorite places without any hisses. oxox

  5. What a lovely blog you have. Cats and cups are my favorites too
    I am your newest follower.

  6. Exercise caution when using diatomaceous earth. You must use food grade diatomaceous earth not the stuff for gardens or pool filters. You can get a big sack of it a your feed and grain for about 14.00 dollars. Ranchers use it for deworming cattle and sometimes themselves too. Again, use food grade only.
    I don't use it on my kitties but do use it is I have insects about the house. If it is really humid you'll need to vac it up and put more down frequently.
    Check out the holistic bug controll sites.