Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chin up, Buttercup

Poor Annie.  Maybe living here isn't quite the cat's meow afterall.
I have changed the dry food treats to low calorie since she has gained quite enough since she was spayed months back. Her moist food will remain the same but we have to cut back somewhere. She's not impressed.'s hot here.
I think back to when I had the dog biscuit business and how we would have the ovens on all day with the A/C trying to keep up. It was brutal.

 I sold the business a year and a half ago and now that July is here again, I have no doubts I made the right move. Now I can give 100% of myself to the cat-sitting service which I love.

Today is my brother Joe's 78th birthday. Holy Cow! I don't have a recent pic but this one was taken 2 years ago. That's Joe on my right. Joe was my dad's son from his first marriage. A tragic car accident took his mom when he was only 2 years old.

My dad then married my mom and they had my sister, Diane and me. Diane is sitting far left. So, Joe has always been in my life but was married and moved from home while I was very young so I never really grew up with my brother. Nonetheless, it's great to be celebrating another year with him. I mailed him a card that said Joe Cool on the front. He'll love that because he thinks he is.
So, "Happy Birthday, big brother. Have a great day."

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb: Hope Annie's not holding it against you too much. Diet's are no fun! Happy birthday to you brother, has anyone ever said he looks like Steven Spielberg?.. Hope you are enjoying the summer..Judy

  2. It´s not fun getting as much treats as you want :(
    Happy Birthday to your brother :)

  3. You and your sister don't look much alike. Happy Birthday to the brother! I so enjoy Audrey's pic greeting me in your sidebar. I want a cat someday that has Audrey's sweet face.

  4. I once had a calico named Annie. She was also a chub. It's so hard to put a kitty on a diet in a multiple-cat household! I absolutely love the photo of you with the orange and white kitty standing up to nuzzle you!

  5. Happy Birthday, Joe! I know when my kitty had to go on FRD food, he wasn't happy, but I kept telling him, "it's for your own good." Somehow, that isn't what they want to hear...just like humans! XOXO

  6. Happy Birthday to your big Bro! It's okay Annie ... all us girls have to watch our figures! :D

    1. We have three on 'diets'. Duncan just eats more of the diet food, Pippa steals her siblings, and Zoe sneaks in like a stealth bomber!
      Lovely family photo!
      Jane x