Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Country roads

I love passing by beautiful old barns when I cat-sit. Some have been here for a century.

 Many clients are off the beaten path.

Not far up the road and just to my right...
two fawns
and their momma
What a treat. Before I moved to this area many years ago I never saw a deer in the wild. Here, it's very common and you have to always watch out for them on the dirt roads.
I just love the country roads. I feel alive, with purpose when I breath the country air. I feel close to nature and all that it offers. I'm happiest here. I can solve the world's problems just by driving down these country roads.

Our little patient is already out of the recovery area and in my office now. She is not touching her belly or bothering her incision which means no Victorian collar for her. She has slept even more than your average cat today.
From having the tube down her throat her voice is all but gone. When she does meow it sounds like something from Alien. When I pet her though, her purr is loud.

hugs, Deb


  1. Glad she is doing so well. I love your photos of old barns. I am always screeching to a halt for a photo when I see an interesting old barn. Thanks for sharing

  2. Love your photos of barns! I am glad Audrey is doing so well...cute thing that she is! hugs, Linda

  3. Beautiful barns! I feel the same way as you about country roads. Hope kitty gets well soon!

  4. Beautiful barns! The alien voice is quite sad isn't it....but cats seem to use it to their advantage!!
    Jane x

  5. Cats are so resilient! Glad she's coming along so well.

  6. I love the country and old barns. Great photos! Sometimes I think I was a country girl in a former life. Now, I like my little village in the middle of a big city! So glad Audrey is doing so well and no Victorian collar is needed. I would hate that contraption!

  7. Great barn pics. I love old barns. Ours is 150 years old, but is not original to this farm. It was moved here something like 80 or 90 years ago. I love all that post and beam construction.

    Kisses to Audrey!