Sunday, July 1, 2012

My bud, Buddy & Cat tip for the Day

I feel very welcomed when I arrive at Buddy's home.

He is a grand 'ol guy. He loves to be combed and brushed. Good thing, because he sheds like mad.

I've been caring for him this week and have added a clothes brush to the cat-bag.

I went for a late walk last night and saw this gorgeous feline in the grass.

Just enjoying the summer evening breeze.

June is gone for another year. I hate that the months go by so quickly. Now the heat will rise, the humidity will be intolerable and like it or not, here come the bugs. But...the flowers are beautiful right now.
Speaking of heat, our homes will need some freshening up now and if you have cats,  you know that the litter box can get a little stinky in the hot weather. We don't want that...oh no we don't, so  I have a tip for you.

Cat tip for the Day=^..^=Keeping litter box odour under control

 It's very simple. All you need to do is clean the box daily and add a teaspoon of baking soda to the box every day. Sprinkle it into the litter, stir up the litter and that's it. This will keep the odour from the box to a minimum. You will be using it daily so start stocking up on the dollar store baking soda. =^..^=

There is nothing more beautiful than a cat in the grass except for maybe flowers on a fence. It's a close race.

                                                             "Welcome July"

hugs, Deb


  1. Our mom has about 5 brushes throughout the house for us.

  2. Thanks for the hot tip! I empty the boxes twice daily which helps to keeps smells under control but sometimes even with that schedule things get a little ripe! I'll give it a try. Stay cool!

  3. We are lucky as it never gets above thirty degrees here. At the moment we are lucky if it gets above ten!! We miss lovely summer evenings, they are our favorite time of year.

    You are right - the months are just whizzing on by. Can't believe we are already half way through the year.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Top tip especially for the summer months when things can get whiffy pretty quickly!
    Jane x

  5. I guess you mean our Bicarbonate of Soda?
    Thanks for the tip. Mr.T is the cat tray man and is very efficient, he's always to be found cleaning it out.
    Our back door is open nearly all day on fine days but most of them go out and come straight back in to the litte tray, I've told them off but they take no notice of me. lol
    The flowers are just beautiful Deb.

  6. Lovely photos of cats and flowers, some of the best things in life!

  7. Love the photos of the fence and flowers! Gorgeous, well not as pretty as the cats of course! Oh yes stinky box in the summer...needs extra attention! Happy July even with all the heat we are having! hugs, Linda

  8. The flowers are just gorgeous and the cats adorable. I have just the one (indoor) cat, but seeing all the beautiful ones in your post makes me want a few day.
    I wish we were having warm weather, but still grey with chances of sprinkles. It's said, "after the 4th of July, the weather will change and summer will be here." I'm waiting:-D XOXO

  9. Beutiful pictures !
    I LOVE the yellow flowers <3
    Thank´s for the tips about the litterbox :)

  10. Beautiful cats and beautiful flowers...thanks for the tip ! Gail x

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